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It’s time to move forward!

Are you looking for a new job, perhaps a career change, a promotion, or a side step into a new challenge? Are you applying for college, an internship, or some other program? How’s your resume?
You’ve probably spent lots of time crafting the perfect resume that shows you at your very best. A typical CV includes your personal information, such as how to contact you, your educational and work history, hobbies, qualifications, and other information that shows why you are the ideal candidate for a job, course, or similar. Most people spend lots of time on their resume to really make sure that it accurately portrays them and their skills, showing just what they can offer, and, in a nutshell, how totally awesome they are.
Why keep your resume just on paper?
In today’s digital age, more and more people have online resumes too. Think about it; not only can you attach a link to your online CV with ease when applying for opportunities, but people who are looking for candidates just like you may actually reach out to you without you needing to do anything! Imagine being headhunted and discovered in such a way, wouldn’t that be great?!
A solid online presence can also make you look more professional, more innovative, and more savvy, definitely all plus points in today’s competitive world. It shows you keep up with the time and look for innovative ways to stay one step ahead of the game, which can automatically sometimes give you a leading edge over others who stick with tried-and-tested traditional methods that can sometimes be outdated.
Your online resume can be a simple one-page website; as long as all information is there and it looks great. A Hopinit resume template can be your best friend when it comes to having a unique, clean, and smooth site. The layout and theme was created with you in mind, but it can be customized to make it your own. No more boring copies and rehashes!
The about section lets you list your personal information while you can use the services section to show examples of previous work experience, projects, and the like. Done any charity or volunteer work? Make sure to include it. You can also include testimonials, adding even more weight to your previous experiences.
Upload some candid headshots of yourself in the image gallery to give your CV life and help people to make a connection with you. After all, research has shown that companies are more likely to hire people that they actually like than otherwise.
The contact form might turn out to be a great source of new opportunities; you never know who may be in touch! Other features of a Hopinit site include social buttons, a navigation bar, and Google Maps. Built using html5 and css3, you know that your modern site is going to look great! An online business card and portfolio, why not get your resume on the web today? 

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