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Would you love a website for your family or for your personal use? It’s easy with Hopinit! Get a free template, sort your hosting, and get your domain name from and build the beautiful website you’ve been dreaming about with ease. Simple to build with an attractive appearance, the bootstrap templates have been created with html5 and css3, meaning that you can have a top modern website dedicated to your family or personal life.
Your web page could be used to trace and display your family tree. Imagine adding more branches and uncovering more about your heritage and family’s past by being able to reach distant members of your lost family. Going online is a terrific way to learn more about your ancestry, and you never know who may come across your site when doing their own family research.
You might want your website to keep your family easily in touch. With increasing numbers of people going overseas to work, live, and create smaller family units, what better way could there be to maintain some family cohesion when people are scattered across the globe?
Perhaps you have a family-run business that you want to promote and grow.
You may have a personal venture that you want to share with the world. It might be that you offer services or sell items and you want to advertise online, or you may have a passion or hobby that you want to spread and connect with other like-minded folk.
Your personal website can also be your portfolio for a range of skills; whether you’re into photography, creating art or music, whether you’re a model, writer, graphic designer, illustrator, or something else entirely, share your skills, achievements, talents, and success stories with pride.
A Hopinit template gives you an attractive homepage and website with minimal fuss. Setting up your site is easy, and you can even get your hosting package and domain name from, making building your website and getting online even easier. All updates are done in real time, and you don’t need to wait for your site to go live; it’s instant! So, no putting off those projects that you’ve been itching to do but didn’t know where to start.
The templates are totally free too, meaning that you can cast aside fears of websites being unaffordable and unattainable. With so many people building an online presence around whatever they want, what’s stopping you from taking that step too?
Upload personal photos to use in the gallery and slideshow, tell everyone about you, and, if using your site for commercial reasons, list any services you offer. There is a contact form, meaning that people can reach out to you at any time they choose, ideal for when people are spread across different time zones. No more working out the best time to pick up the phone and make a call.
Other facilities include social buttons, integration with Google Maps, pre-loaded images that you are free to use, a lovely theme, a cool layout, and a user-friendly navigation bar.  
Stop making excuses, start taking action, and head to today. 

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