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A one pager is a type of website. A small site, it is, as the name indicates, a basic site with just one page. Just because it’s small though definitely does not mean that it cannot be mighty! Indeed, some of the most dynamic sites out there have just one single page.
There are many reasons why people may want a one-page website. Examples include authors promoting a new book or ebook, musicians promoting a new album, a company that sells one specific product, a top review site of an establishment and / or service, a tutor seeking students, a tradesperson advertising their services, and so on. It may that you want to get the word out about a particular event, such as a concert, festival, bake sale, garage sell, wedding, party, etc.
Think of your one pager as a global poster. A poster that sits online and is likely to be seen by a great deal more people than a paper poster slapped up at a bus stop or in a coffee shop. The exposure of going online should never be underestimated!
You might also have social media pages dedicated to the same theme; they can easily be connected to your site by way of social buttons.
If you really want a one pager but don’t know where to start, head to You can get your domain name (website name), hosting, and a beautiful free template all at the same time. The template is clean and professional, designed with easy scrolling, a modern layout, and an attractive theme. You can change the colors, fonts, and customize your site is various ways to make it unique and truly yours. All without the hassle of learning coding, messing around with drag and drop features, mastering WordPress, or paying someone to do it for you so.
Dynamic and easy to build, your site is also very user friendly. So, it’s a complete win win!
A Hopinit template has loads of images to use from, letting you customize your site. You can also upload your pictures to the image gallery and for the slideshow. It has a Google Maps feature, ideal if you want readers to go to a particular location, and you can include testimonials, if relevant. For example, you may have received glowing feedback on a service or product, so why not shout about it to the world?
A single-page website is also perfect for an online portfolio, letting you show off various skills and talents. Whether you use words, images, or a combination, your site is your online calling card.
Cheap, simple, professional, clean, and unique, use Hopinit for fabulous results and to create one of the best one pagers on the web. Get ahead, reach more people, be noticed, and grow as you see your dreams being realized and your ambitions starting to shine. Go online and achieve great things with Hopinit!   

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