Free Landing Page Website Design (Created With Bootstrap)

Fresh and free!

So, you’ve created an awesome website and you want to boost your conversions. Or, you want a mini site for a very specific purpose but don’t really know where to begin. Whether you’re selling a product or a service, such as an ebook, wanting people to sign up for an email list or something else, are trying to make revenue from affiliate marketing, promoting an event, or have some other task that you want your site’s visitors to follow through on, a top-notch, professional, and persuasive landing page is vital.
Don’t worry if you’ve already, as is common, blown a huge chunk of your budget on seo, ads, email marketing, social media campaigns etc. A fresh and free landing page template from Hopinit makes having the perfect landing page a piece of pie.

Whether your site is a one pager or a thousand-page site, whether you have a small niche site, a huge authority site, or something in between, a Hopinit template makes sure that your online visitors not only end up where you want them to, but also encourages conversions and leads. It’s one of the best generators you can have to see sales soar!

Created using bootstrap, html5, and css3, the beautiful template is also simple to use. And did we already mention … it’s totally free!

The custom theme and layout ensure that it fits with your overall site, though it can also be used entirely on its own as a one pager. In such a case, wave goodbye to an awkward website builder and say hello to convenience.

If you don’t yet have your domain name you can take care of this at the same time through; it really is your one-stop shop for your landing page and online presence.

Fully responsive, it doesn’t matter whether users find you from their computer or mobile device, your landing page will still look great and perform well.

You can customize the appearance, changing fonts and colors etc. to suit your tastes. The theme and layout were created with your needs in mind. Features include a user-friendly navigation bar, or menu, a services section, an about section, and testimonials. Of course, there is also that all-important integrated contact form. Google Maps is ideal if you are holding an event, as you can show exactly where to find it. And, there are many images free for you to use in the image gallery and slideshow, though you can also upload your own too if you prefer. You can even link to videos and connect your page to any social media accounts that you already have, or plan to have.

The whole template was designed with you in mind, making it child’s play for you to create the page that you want and that gets those ever-important results. Don’t miss out by neglecting your online marketing. Be noticed, be smart, and be professional with   

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