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An ancient spiritual practice that originated in India, yoga is a discipline that has grown more and more in popularity and spread around the world over the years. Yoga started around 2,000 years ago, combining eight different aspects: restraints, observances, postures, concentration, breathing, meditation, absorption, and a withdrawal of all senses. The idea is that yogis (males that perform yoga) and yoginis (female yoga practitioners) can attain enlightenment by focusing inwards and modifying their behavior in the outer world around them. Today, many people use yoga for relaxation and health reasons, including physical health, emotional health, and mental health.
A lot of people use yoga postures to increase strength and stamina, aid flexibility and mobility, and, by carefully controlled conscious movements and poses, to build concentration, motivation, and mental fortitude.
With the huge popularity of the practice today, there are many yoga teachers and studios to meet the demand. But, how do people choose a yoga teacher? How do they find out about yoga classes in their locale? Many find out about sessions online.
A website is a necessary tool for any modern-day yoga instructor. It’s no longer enough to just be creative and skilled in the gym or studio. Teaching yoga is no different to any other small business; you need to reach interested people in order to grow and succeed. A website really is an investment in your future business success.
If technical matters aren’t your strong point, there’s no need to panic. Hopinit has done the groundwork so you don’t have to! A free yoga template makes setting up your professional site simple. The layout and theme give your website an attractive appearance, helping to build trust and credibility. You don’t need to stifle your creative side though, as it can be tailored and customized so as to be unique. You can sort your domain name and web hosting too at Getting online really is that easy!
A website can help you to attract new students, find more teaching gigs, increase your overall class sizes (and, therefore, your profits), network, build a deeper connection with existing students and help to secure their loyalty, and more. As well as getting more mats down in your studio, your website is also a prime platform for selling and advertising any additional services and products that you offer. Have you created a book, video course, or DVD? Do you regularly host workshops, residential courses, and retreats? You can see how a website would benefit you!
Maybe you already have social media pages set up for students and prospective students. Bring everything neatly together and add social buttons to your interactive site. Show images of you and / or your students in various poses in the image gallery and slideshow to really demonstrate how people can progress on their yoga journey with you. Add another level with testimonials, letting the words of others say how awesome you are!
While you’ll include your studio’s address and contact details on your website, a contact form and Google Maps facility make it even more user friendly and helpful for new students to find you and ask any questions.
Get creative and entice people with information about you and the services you offer, each with its own dedicated section for ease of navigation and to keep your site organized.
Connect with more potential yogis and yoginis and stretch your way to yoga success with Hopinit! 

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