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The term sportsperson covers anyone who engages in a particular type of sport. Some people perform sports for fun and leisure, others for fitness and health reasons, and some because they enjoy the social and / or competitive aspect. Some sports are enjoyed as part of a team, some are against one other person, and some are done alone individually. Some sportsmen and women play professionally, while others are keen amateurs.
There are numerous sports in existence, some of which can gain huge followings. Soccer, baseball, basketball, rugby, cricket, football, hockey, handball, and volleyball are all examples of team sports. Those that need at least one other person to play against include tennis, badminton, squash, ping pong, boxing, wrestling, snooker, and darts. Solo sporting activities may include swimming, running, athletics, and gymnastics. Individual activities may, however, also be done as a team effort, for example competing as a team for team points.
Whether you’re on a high school or college team, an aspiring athlete, a gym bunny, or into sports in a totally different way, why not have a website to reflect your sporting passion?
There are many reasons to have a sports website. If you are on a team or are a solo sportsperson you may want to keep in touch with fans, network, and look for sponsorship deals. Your website might display your latest achievements and be used as a way to record your goals, motivate others, and show your success.
Whatever your reasons are for wanting a sports website, a free Hopinit template is a great way to get a smooth, stylish, modern, and professional site that is hassle free. You don’t need to hire someone to build the site for you, and you don’t need to mess around with WordPress or drag and drop features. The basic layout is all done for you. The theme is beautiful. You can, though, still customize your site to ensure that it is unique.
You can include photos on your website in the gallery and slideshow. Maybe you want to display pictures of you or your team in action, dressed in your kit, or in training session. There is also a wide selection of free pre-loaded images to use too. When a user clicks on an image it opens up to a large high-quality image.
If you want to let people know the gym that you train at, the stadium that you use, or another place associated with your sport, a Hopinit site comes with an integrated maps feature, using Google Maps.
Page viewers can get in touch with you via a built-in contact form, and you can easily hookup your site with social media accounts by way of the social buttons. People can click right through from your website to your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another channel.
Show your passion, training, skills, and experience in the about and services section. Make people fall in love with your sport as much as you are! Other features of a Hopinit website include a navigation bar and a section for testimonials.
Get off that bench, move away from the sidelines, and build that website today!

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