Website Design for Personal Trainers

It’s time to start moving, get fit, get active, and get online!

A personal trainer is someone that motivates and sets goals, while providing feedback and accountability to their clients. A personal trainer possesses the relevant knowledge and skills to safely and effectively design a fitness program for the purpose of helping others reach their health and fitness goals. 
Most personal trainers are healthy, fit, and active themselves. What better way to show the world your focus and commitment to a healthy lifestyle than to serve as a positive role model for others?

Are you a personal trainer? If so, how do you best share this love for fitness and passion for a healthy lifestyle? You need a way to showcase your skills and expertise so that you can help people pursue their fitness goals. A personal trainer website will do just that! Whatever training you specialize in, from boot camps, crossfit, and interval training, to strength training, kickboxing, corrective exercises, and everything in between, our personal trainer template will work for you.

Show the world exactly what you specialize in using our service section. If you have a video, embed it front and center so that potential clients can meet you. Get in front of those that need your services using a gallery of images. Post all of your testimonials giving yourself credibility and likeability. Using our easy-to-use builder, it’s a matter of writing a few sentences about who you are and what you do. Upload some images and videos, and then add a few finishing touches, such as choosing the color and font style.

Do you work from a gym or fitness center, or visit people at their homes? Let them know! If you have a certain base, show people easily where they will meet with you, with the help of the integrated Google Maps feature. Already have an active following on social media? Connect your channels to your website with buttons; sharing is caring after all! Let those who love you tell their friends about you and watch the snowball grow!

Don’t forget to list any other services that you offer too, such as nutrition and dietary advice and guidance, meal plans, vitamin sales, online support, PT videos, and so on. The more people know about you, the more they know whether or not you’re the right choice for them. 

You have a love for fitness and it shows! Give others the opportunity to contact you and better themselves. It’s simple and easy to create a quick website with Hopinit using the personal trainer template. This template was created with you in mind. Share your services with the world and get noticed! Start today.

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