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Massage therapists, also known as masseuse, use their hands, and sometimes other parts of the body like the elbows, knees, and feet, to knead and rub muscles. Massage devices may also be used. While massages are usually performed while the client is lying down on a special massage bed, aquatic massage takes place while the person is immersed in water.
Some people seek massage for relaxation while others use massage to relieve aches and pains. It’s an especially great remedy for soothing stresses, strains, and tension.
There are numerous types of massage, with some masseuses offering a range of treatments, and others that offer just one type of massage therapy. Some practitioners offer mobile services, where they will visit people at home or another location, some have a dedicated room in their own home for treatments, and others work out of a beauty salon or beauty parlour. Massage services are very common at spas.
Some of the different types of massages include Swedish massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage, aromatherapy massages, whereby the masseuse uses essential oils, reflexology massages that focus on certain pressure points around the body, often on the feet, deep tissue massages, and the Japanese technique of shiatsu. Some clients may request massages on certain parts of their body, for example the neck or back, and practitioners may offer special sports massages, massages for pregnant ladies, and others.
Whatever kind of massage(s) you offer, and whether you’re a sole practitioner or a massage business owner, how do you advertise and encourage new customers to visit?
Do you have your own website? If not, you’re really missing out! While you may think that a website is costly and fiddly, building your beautiful site with a free Hopinit template is anything but! Simple, clean, and fully mobile responsive, you can have your web page up and running before you know it! The layout and theme have been designed especially with massage therapists in mind, but you can customize the templates as much or as little as you like to build your own unique and professional website.
If you operate from certain premises, show customers how to find you with the Google Maps facility. No more getting lost!
Clients can contact you to make appointments and with requests via the handy contact form. You can link your site to any existing social media accounts. Make your site even more attractive and visually appealing with the image gallery and slideshow. You can use pre-loaded free images to breathe life into your site or upload your own. How about some action shots of you or your team members in action? Some close-up shots of scented candles, massage oils, and other tools that you use?
The about section is great for detailing your credentials and experience, and the services section lets you detail exactly what you offer along with prices. And don’t underestimate the power of the testimonials feature! Had any glowing recommendations and terrific praise? Share it!
Take it easy and increase your customer base with a Hopinit website.      

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