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A life coach is essentially an accredited and certified personal adviser. Working with clients one-on-one, a life coach assists clients with reaching their goals quickly, offering a combination of innovative ideas, action plans, tips, and support. Used by people who want to push forward in either personal or business matters, some life coaches may focus on professional development and career development, some might tend to work with clients who want a push in their private life, and others may take on all kinds of client.
Life coaches work with people who want more out of life, are seeking growth, and want to reach their goals and targets easily.
As well as building life skills, a life coach is motivational and helps to increase confidence. They give people the tools that they need to attain success in various areas of life.
All kinds of people may appoint a life coach, ranging from high-flying executives to entrepreneurs and founders of start-up companies, and from those looking to implement positive changes with relationships or finances to those who want to step-up a hobby, get out of a rut, make friends, build connections, or improve some other part of their life.  
Setting realistic and achievable goals, a life coach helps people to have the life that they really want.
Issues that a life coach may cover include building self esteem and confidence, being part of a loving romantic partnership that works, parenting issues and bonding, clearing clutter, balancing a busy life, feeling as though a person is living their purpose, grief management and coping with relationship breakdowns, self care, nurturing creativity, healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle, and managing a home. A life coach may work with trigger points, such as anger, sadness, stress, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy.
Other issues that a life coach may help a person to overcome include financial freedom and security, increasing wealth, communication and public speaking, changing career, starting a business, promotions, being organized, and time management.
A life coach wears many hats! Therapist, consultant, friend, advisor, business planner, and motivational guide, all in one!
A person really needs to feel as though they could build a connection with a life coach before they begin. They need to like, trust, and respect the coach. It is, therefore, vital that you start building these connections and make a positive impact before a person has even got in contact. How do you do this? Through your website!
Even if you meet people in real life and hand out business cards, one of the first things that an interested party will do is to search for you online. Let your website continue positive interactions and encourage clients to follow through and book some coaching sessions. Your website is also like an online extension of your business card.
A free Hopinit template lets you have the perfect life coaching website that exudes professionalism and warmth at the same time. You can customize your site so as to be unique, but the template makes the meat and bones of your site simple and effective. You can even get your domain name at the same time through
You can make your site more visually appealing with a range of pre-loaded stock images in the gallery, or you can easily upload your own images too. Be sure to include a headshot of yourself so people can see who they will be working with! Another way to build that rapport is to let people hear your voice; why not link a piece of audio to your site?
Your website can be connected to your social media accounts, and there is a Google Maps feature, showing prospective clients exactly where to find your premises.
Showcase your skills, qualifications, and expertise in the about and services sections. Have you helped people to radically turn their lives around? Get testimonials! Let people see how they can improve, and, more importantly, how they can improve with YOU. The contact form makes getting in touch with you a breeze.
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