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Dentists need websites too!

Have you noticed that dentist offices are popping up on every corner nowadays? Maybe they just looked at Starbucks and said “Hey, that’s a good idea”. But really, why do you suppose that is? There are so many reasons why people like and dislike dentists, and it is necessary to have a variety of them to choose from.
Since dental phobia (or fear of going to the dentists) is probably the most common reason people avoid dentists, having many of them to choose from may better the chances of the finding that one "diamond in the rough" that puts a person’s mind at ease. There are countless reasons why one may develop dental phobia. As a child someone may retain a memory of a painful experience at the dentist, or remember being frightened or overwhelmed by the big chair and machinery. Or maybe the dentist did not display appropriate bedside manner, which would also discourage any child (or adult for that matter) from wanting to return to that (or any) dentist. In short it is very important that a patient’s personality coincides with the dentists.

With so many dentists in virtually every neighborhood, each one must express who they are to potential patients. Getting a pre-notion of the dentist’s persona and the atmosphere of his or her office would be the first step in a skeptical patient’s decision process. A simple and user-friendly website from, complete with your personal gallery, is the perfect way to connect with patients, skeptics or not, and be sure they are comfortable before ever stepping foot into the office.

Other reasons potential patients need a vast selection of dentists may include their individual needs for certain specialties. For example, an actor (or anyone in the public eye ) may seek, on a regular basis, a dentist who specializes in teeth whitening. Or parents of teens may be looking for a dentist who also offers orthodontics. Someone may even need a specific procedure that requires a specialist in that field, such as a periodontist, etc. Either way, a Hopinit website is the best and easiest platform to exhibit your specialties or unique services, like the availability of 24-hour emergency dental care and so on.

Now onto money. The cost of dental procedures is often the 800-pound gorilla in the dental office. Yet to some, money is not an issue, as long as their experience is satisfactory. Whether a patient is on a limited budget, needs special payment terms, has one of many dental insurance policies, or can pay for a five-star dental visit, a free Hopinit site can help you reach out to those seeking your preferred method of compensation.

In summary, do not rely on the witty sign on top of your office to connect with new patients who may be driving by, as there are witty signs for dentists on every block. But show off the practice that you have built and are proud of to the world through

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