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Tourism is a huge business, with many people eager to discover destinations near and far. Some seek out far-flung places that are well and truly off the beaten path, while other travelers prefer to learn more about places closer to home. Some people like to take long weekends and mini breaks, others look forward to several multi-week vacations per year, and others are able to take extended periods to set off into the great unknown to backpack around the globe.
There are various types of travel websites. Travel agents often offer their services online, providing itineraries and completing all aspects of arranging a trip for their clients. From transportation to accommodation, and sometimes tours and trips, a travel agency is often a first choice for people who love to know that their travel plans have been carefully put in place by a professional.
Licensed tour guides may also have a website, helping them to connect with people from all around the world who would love to use their services and discover a small part of the world with their local knowledge.
Travel blogs are increasingly common, with people documenting their trips and offering tips and tricks to help other traveling souls to follow in their footsteps. Some bloggers maintain a travel blog for fun, and to share their journey with their nearest and dearest. Other bloggers turn their site into a money-making business, using a range of monetization methods to make a living while on the road.
Whatever your reason for wanting a travel website, a free Hopinit template makes it easy to fulfill your goals. Simple to build, with no coding or fiddling with drag and drop features needed, the layout is user-friendly and the theme is modern and smart. You can have a top professional travel site in a snap, without a high price tag. The template is free! Get your web hosting and domain name too at the same time for complete convenience.
The image gallery and slideshow lets you display attractive pictures of your own travels, in the case of a travel blog, or places that you offer trips to and / or hotels on your books, for travel agents. Inspire people with gorgeous imagery and show them the places that they could visit too.
Use the about section to tell people all about you, your adventures, your company, and so on. If you offer services, for example in the case of a travel agent, guide, or blogger that sells itineraries or ebooks, the services section is the ideal place to showcase these.
Mobile responsive and interactive, other features of a travel website built with a Hopinit template include integration with Google Maps, a contact form, ideal for fielding enquiries, social buttons, letting you connect with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and other social networks, and a navigation bar that is easy to use.
You have awesome ideas and want to share them with the world. Don’t put it off any longer; start your beautiful travel site with Hopinit today! 

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