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How do you reach potential customers?

A bed and breakfast establishment, often abbreviated to B&B, is an accommodation provider that offers breakfast in the mornings as well as simply a room and bed for the night. Some hotels may offer B&B packages to leisure travelers and business travelers, and it is fairly common for people to search out accommodations for their vacation that include extra services and amenities, such as meal inclusions. Staying at a B&B allows people to start each day of their holiday on the right foot and filled with energy after a good sleep followed by a good meal.
Many people associate the term B&B with smaller guesthouse-type establishments. There is often the thought that bed and breakfasts are rather quaint and charming, perhaps with traditional features and a sense of cozy and homey luxury. Large upscale resorts have also entered the B&B market, having realized how beneficial it is to offer extra to incite customers to stay and to keep guests content.

How do many B&Bs reach potential customers? Some rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and a glowing reputation to bring new business to them. Some even have a large repeat client base, seeing the same faces numerous times. There are those that use traditional listings and those that place their faith in online booking engines. Some B&Bs understand the power of social media, and maintain accounts on different channels. Why not take it further though and have your own customized website? Creating a website with a template from lets you show your accommodation in the exact light that you want to, whilst providing all the details that you would like prospective guests to know, and making your property more searchable. A website also helps to give your business a modern and professional edge.

The image gallery and image slideshow functions let you display gorgeous pictures of your property, tempting people to stay and showing exactly why you would be a top choice. Let people see the comfortable beds that they would love to sink into at the end of a long day of tours and adventures, or after a relaxing day at the beach. Show the cleanliness, décor, and color schemes so that people can imagine how nice it would be to stay with you. Snap some pics of the breakfast options and make potential guests’ mouths water when they see what they will be able to tuck into each morning.

Are there any noteworthy attractions in the locality? Get some pictures up! If you have a pool, bar, restaurant, lobby, garden, play area, fitness room, TV room, or any other facilities that you want people to know about, show them. Let people see the very best of your B&B through images. They do say that a picture speaks a thousand words … !   
The services section allows you to backup your images with useful information. You may want to list what’s available for breakfast, including options for people with different dietary requirements if relevant. Customers also love to know the basics, such as rates, check-in and check-out times, the times that breakfast is available, and so on.   

Make getting in touch with you simple with a user-friendly contact form. Enquiries and bookings can be dealt with so much more efficiently and it helps to ensure that people do actually make contact when they plan to, rather than forgetting and slipping through the net.

Finding your property is easier when you have a website; rather than you needing to provide details or expecting people to search online, show your exact location on Google Maps, fully integrated with your site.

Make your B&B stand out, rent more rooms, and be more in the spotlight with a mobile-responsive and interactive website.  

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