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Wake up and smell the roses!

Some people buy flowers on the spur of the moment when passing by a florist. It’s like they see the pretty displays and think, “I know, I’ll by X a bunch of those nice blooms”, usually when they want to apologize for something! Last-minute flowers are also a snatch-and-grab gift, maybe an after-thought or an added extra for the girlfriend’s birthday on the way home from work or a lunch break panic buy for a colleague.

There are, however, many people who plan their flower purchases in advance. It might be a singular bunch or plant for a special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary. It could be a wreath or respectful floral display for a funeral. Or it could be a larger order for a variety of occasions. Those planning a wedding often have bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids, button holes for the groom and groomsmen, flowers to decorate the venue, and colorful, scented table displays. Some people order flowers as centerpieces and décor for parties and corporate events.

From roses, sunflowers, lilies, and marigolds, to carnations, tulips, lavender, and pansies, there are many times people want flowers!

Flower shops can have ongoing contracts for supplying diverse businesses with floral arrangements. Think, for example, of restaurants. Those that have attractive sprigs or vases of flowers on the tables need to source them from somewhere. Restaurants may even feature edible flowers in some of their dishes!

Some hotels have plants or flowers in the guest rooms, and many use foliage and flowers to breathe life into a lobby. Some fancy establishments like to sprinkle petals on the bed or in the bath tub for an added air of romance. Corporate buildings often have plants spread throughout them, especially in public areas, and other places where it’s not uncommon to find floral arrangements include in churches, hospitals, shops (that aren’t related to the floristry industry), and so on.

And that’s only taking into account fresh flowers and living plants. Some florists also produce gorgeous displays of silk and artificial flowers too.

While your displays and signs are great for the last-second panic buys and guilt purchases, a website is perfect for those individuals and businesses that plan ahead for their floral requirements. Perhaps a company is looking to change its flower supplier … how would it find you if you had no online presence?

Flower arranging is an art. Display your handiwork in a beautiful online gallery or slideshow, demonstrating the types of arrangements that you can create and the bunches and bouquets that you routinely sell. Have you made any unique patterns from blossoms? Don’t be shy; show them! Let the colors really pop and leave the fragrances up to the viewer’s imagination. Reflect customer satisfaction in the testimonials section, letting the words of others sell your services and entice custom.

Help people find you with the Google Maps feature, list the flowers you regularly have in stock and any that require advance notice, price guides, how to get a quotation, and any other handy information that people often want at a glance.

The contact form makes requesting quotes, placing orders, and asking questions ever so easy for customers, something that many time-pressed people in today’s fast-paced world appreciate.

A free template from Hopinit makes building your site a breeze, and the layouts has been created with you in mind. Adjust your fonts and background colors to suit your preferences, and you’re good to go. Don’t lose out to competitors; wake up and smell the roses! 

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