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A charity is a non-profit scheme or organization that was created to aid people in need or raise funds for other philanthropic programs or not-for-profit projects that seek to do good in some way.
The fields in which charities operate are numerous. Examples include providing food, clothing, and shelter for people less fortunate, taking in sick and abandoned animals, training guide dogs for the blind, providing toys to disadvantaged children, helping to build water wells, hospitals, schools, and similar in underdeveloped countries, providing support to veterans, and schemes that have a positive impact on the environment. Many charities rely on volunteers for a large part of their work, and appealing to the public is an essential part of any charity’s work; without public support and donations, charities cannot operate effectively.  
A charitable venture can gain so many benefits from having a website. As well as encouraging people to donate money, items, and services, your website can also be used as a tool to promote any charitable events. Whether you’re holding an auction, a race night, a charity meal or ball, a yard sale, a sponsored event, a fun day or something else, making people actually aware your event is the first step in encouraging people to attend and get involved. You can also build awareness for your cause; people who cannot assist right now may remember you in the future, or might help to spread the word and indirectly bring supporters your way. It also helps to set out clear objectives for your charity, silencing any skeptics.

You can make any facts and factors publically available, showing exactly how funds are spent or how goods are distributed. Share the outcomes of your projects, showing the direct impact that people can have through their generosity and how even small gestures can make a big difference.

Building a website for your charity is easy when you use a Hopinit template. As well as displaying your logo and name, you can customize the layout and theme to suit you. Use the about you section to set out your charity’s mission and goals, as well as detailing how you help those goals to become a reality. Members of the public can connect with you via a built-in contact form, providing an extra way for people to learn more and become involved with your charity.

Photographs often say much more than words can alone, and you can upload images to the gallery or slideshow to illustrate what your charity does and achieve a greater connection with viewers. Let people see the result of donations and appeal to their emotions.  
Created with charities in mind, the Hopinit charity template is a top choice, aiding you in producing a beautifully presented and professional website. And how far your charity’s website can go is only really limited by you! Be creative and appealing, and really show the public why they should feel an affinity with your venture and why they should be inspired to help out. Give direct appeals for assistance, and see the interest and help rocket.    

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