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Make those stomachs rumble!

Catering is required by many individuals, businesses, community groups, and others, with a large number of people opting for outside catering to feed their guests. From corporate functions and working lunches to private parties either at home or in a venue for a larger group, weddings, and funerals, caterers are commonly sought.
Some people seeking the services of a caterer already have in mind the type of fare they want, whilst others are looking for a little guidance and a few recommendations. All expect delicious food and drink that will keep people satisfied and full!

From intimate dates for two to huge groups of hundreds of people, and from set meals to buffets and everything in between, caterers work with their clients to ensure that there is enough tasty food for all. Entering into a contract with a catering firm can be for a one-off function or for regular events. It offers an alternative to using restaurants for food requirements.

Catering services may provide hot or cold items, and may also include a combination of both. All meals of the day might be requested, with a varying number of courses desired by customers. Moving through the standard appetizers, entrees, and desserts, some clients want cheese and biscuits, others want coffee, some want salads, some would love canapés and nibbles, and others want a cleansing sorbet between each course for sit-down meals.

Catering can involve simply the provision of food, sometimes including drinks, there may need to be a member of staff to hand to replenish supplies in accordance with any agreements, or a full catering team might be needed to serve for the evening, providing meals and drinks, removing empty plates, circulating with drinks and nibbles, refilling glasses, and performing other duties of a waiter or waitress.

Other services can include provisions of cutlery, crockery, and glassware, the supply of seats and tables, table covers and place mats, gazebos and marquees for outdoor events, a mobile bar, either paid or free, BBQs, table displays, and more!   
With so many variables and options, how can members of the public find the catering company that best meets their requirements? More importantly, how can the people who would want you actually find you?!

The answer is easy: online! There are so many benefits for a catering company to have their own domain and website.

Do you offer specialty food, staff, and equipment? For example, fondue, chocolate fountains, ice sculpting, cocktail mixologists, meats carved at the table, table-top BBQs, as is common in many Asian cuisines, for some DIY cooking, silver service, or rotating tabletops? Then tell people!

Set the ball rolling with a Hopinit template and create a website that details the services you offer along with any set packages and menus, minimum and maximum numbers, cost guidelines, and how people can get in touch to discuss their requirements and receive a quote. The contact form is a great tool for dealing with questions and capturing that initial contact from potential customers.

Make people’s mouth water by displaying drool-worthy images of some dishes prepared by your team and showcase your staff members in action shots, doing the jobs that they are trained to do. A chef in the process of creating a gastronomical delight, a smiling server pouring wine … use the image gallery and slideshow to demonstrate exactly what people can expect when they use your catering team.

Make those stomachs rumble and get more bookings with your professional website.

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