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Will you … *deep breath* … marry me?!

So, you met someone special, spent lots of happy times together, had heaps of fun, made many memories, rode out the storms together, and fell head over heels in love. Now you’ve decided that you want to truly show your commitment to this special someone and ask them to marry you. Whether you’re the guy or the girl (we live in a modern world, remember?!) popping the question can be nerve wracking!
Romantic movies often lead us to think that the man should get down on one knee, violins should start up a soulful serenade, and he should whip out a beautiful sparkling engagement ring from somewhere, anticipating his love saying yes before letting out a small tear of joy, and that he can then slip the ring onto the finger of his betrothed. If that’s what you want, go for it! Traditions can be cute. More and more people, however, are looking to break the mould and are searching out innovative ways to ask their darling one of the most important questions they will ever want to ask.
It’s not unusual nowadays to hear of people going to extreme, and often costly, measures to grab the attention of their honey and take them completely by surprise. You may have heard of people who have had declarations of their undying love posted on the score boards during halftime of a football / baseball / basketball / hockey game. Some people sky-write their question among the clouds, some time the event for in the middle of a romantic vacation, surrounded by palm trees in someplace special, others do it at a public event … apart from cost considerations, the only limit is your imagination!
What about trying something different? How about a proposal website? Get a free template from Hopinit, complete with a beautiful layout and theme that can be customized, and take your words of love online. It’s certainly unique and it won’t break the bank, leaving you more funds to put towards your big day.
Updates are made in real time and your site becomes live when you chose, so no fear of your beloved stumbling across it before you’re ready. Fully mobile responsive, you can wait until you’re in a romantic location and then simply ask your love to look at the site on the cell phone. Imagine their surprise! Priceless!
Include gorgeous photos of the two of you together from happy times you’ve spent, with images displaying well in the gallery and slideshow. Add links to audio clips of “your song”, attach poems, anything that you know your partner will truly love. Fresh, modern, and clean, use a Hopinit website to propose!
There are various other features of a Hopinit site, including testimonials, social buttons, and Google Maps.
You don’t have to stop with the proposal either. You can later use your site as a wedding planner, to send out invitations, collect RSVPs in response to the invites, to collate samples, to record the big day itself, as a guest book, to gather memories of your honeymoon, and more. And, it will definitely be a great memento for the bride and groom in many years to come. 

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