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Celebrating a Wedding?

Why a Website? Why Not?! Think about it ... you have a story to tell. You met, you took a journey to the proposal, said “I do”, right through the celebration and onto the honeymoon. And, of course, you want to share it with the world. But a quick and simple website can be so much more than that. In addition to telling your story through words and photos, a Hopinit website can be used as a platform for the whole planning of your big event.
People often jump into wedding planning without proper organization, thinking they can just wing it as they go, only to find themselves confused and overwhelmed. Your wedding will likely be the biggest celebration of your life. Do you want to reduce the significance to a note section on your mobile device or, worse yet, a cheap journal from the dollar store? Getting the “big picture” of your big day at a glance is the best way to organize.

Nuptial planning on a Hopinit site streamlines communication to all parties. A website can be a home base for connecting with your wedding planner, clergyman, photographer, videographer, flower person, wedding caterer, venue manager, bridesmaids, and even groomsmen! Just some lesser-thought-of wedding preparations that could benefit by central communication through a Hopinit site could include bridesmaid dress and tuxedo fittings, scheduling of cake tasting, composing gift registries, transportation, advance itineraries for out-of-town guests, special catering needs, communications with a band or DJ, honeymoon planning, and so much more. 

At today's fast pace, paper invitations are becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are switching to one form or another of online invitations. Online invites are a snap with Hopinit. Even if you do choose to go with more traditional paper invitations, you can organize your guest list and keep track of your responses, quickly and easily, and view as often as you wish with Hopinit’s easy-to-use tools. Your guests will even be able contact you anytime with comments and concerns, so you don’t miss a beat in preparing the perfect event.

A Hopinit website certainly does not stop at planning. Your custom site is the perfect way to store the most important memories of your ceremony, reception, and honeymoon for years to come.

Your personal gallery lets you collate your most treasured images from your big day, sharing them with guests and people who couldn’t make it to the event. A timeless memory of one of the most important days of your life, having your pictures on your website also means there’s no fears of lost storage disks or USB drives, computer problems that wipe all your stored items, or loss or damage of traditional albums.  

Complete with easy templates, whether you use a classic or modern theme, the Hopinit website builder can be the one for you!

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