Guest Book Theme for Weddings


You’ve met someone that you want to commit to and spend the rest of your life with and you’re planning your wedding. You’ve shared the romantic details of the proposal with your family and friends, the bride has picked her dress, the groom has decided on his outfit, the flowers are sorted, the venue is booked, the invites have been sent out, and the RSVPs are coming in. It’s happening: you’re getting married!
You’ve probably already booked your photographer, wedding cars, and caterer, the bridesmaids may have had some fittings, and the parents of both the bride and groom are starting to get excited. You’re gone through many samples of food, got ideas for your color schemes and themes, considered numerous avenues for table displays, songs, music, etc. and you have a planner that is bursting at the seams.
How do you plan to remember your big day in years to come? Of course, you’ll have your photos and maybe some videos, and you’re sure to keep some keepsakes from your wedding, such as a guest list, a copy of your invitations, your seating plan, and so on. It’s common for the newlyweds to have a guest book to among their wedding memorabilia, a place where well-wishers can record messages for the couple to read as they begin their new life together as husband and wife.
Some people write lovey dovey messages that are cloaked in the language of love, others choose to inject wit and humor that is sure to make you both giggle, and some people’s words are tinged with hints of nostalgia as they remember past events that you’ve shared. You surely want your guest book to be something to love for years to come, a beautiful reminder of a special day, and a token that you can share with your kids and grandkids long after the day itself.
Rather than using pen and paper, risking tears, damages, spills, and ink blots, not to mention the possibility of the item being lost, why not set up an online guest book?
A website can last forever on the Internet, and it’s easy to create when you use a free Hopinit template. Don’t worry about hosting and your site’s domain name, as you can get them from too. It really is so simple!
Your guests can access your guest book to write lovely messages to the bride and groom, and you have the option of replying to them there and then; no fear of cards being forgotten or swallowed up somewhere by the postal services. It can also, thinking about it practically, be a lot more environmentally friendly and cheaper than using a book and posting out thank you notes and responses.
With a stylish theme and a top layout, your wedding guest book website can be a thing to cherish for all time. Loved ones who were unable to make it to the wedding, perhaps because of distance, can also be a part of your day through your guest book. You don’t have to limit the messages to actual guests who can physically write in a book!
Add images to your website using the gallery and slideshow, with gorgeous photos of the happy couple, the rings, the cake, the venue, the guests, and anything else that you want to keep in your mind for your future. Your online guest book can be a terrific place to keep all of your memories in one handy place. Easy to create, your site is also easy to access, letting to relive those blissful moments whenever you want.
Other features of a responsive and interactive site built with Hopinit include social share buttons, integration with Google Maps, and a user-friendly navigation bar.
With so many aspects of life on the Internet in today’s digital world, why shouldn’t your wedding memories be there too? 

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