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Get ready to say “I Do”!

So, you’ve met that special someone, you’ve planned to get married, and preparations are well underway for the big day. Whether you’re planning to get married in a church, another religious place of worship, or to have a civil ceremony, you are sure to be super excited and making sure that every last detail is simply perfect for one of the biggest and best days of your life.
You may find, after all the giddiness of the proposal, whether you or your partner popped the question, considering many ideas, and making all necessary arrangements that, come the actual date, your wedding day flashes by in a whirlwind of activity. How can the bride and groom preserve some of those memories to cherish for all time following their marriage? Photos and videos are one way, of course, but how about your own wedding website?!
Think about it; there’s no fear of treasured albums or disks being lost later on down the line, perhaps during a house move or when children come along. Everything can be stored online for you to access any time, and from any place with Internet access. You can share your happiness with each other, your nearest and dearest, and the world in general.
Your site can be used as a planner too, helping you get ready for your wedding. You can keep all your thoughts, samples, and ideas in one easy place, letting you look back in years to come and see just how much effort went into arranging your wedding.
You can send out online invitations from your site too, preserving those memories forever.  As well as the actual invites, why not have people send their RSVPs online? There’s no need to keep a box of reply cards and notes that, realistically, will probably end up gathering dust in the attic. You can collate your replies online through your website and keep them in a place where you may actually look at them with fondness and a smile in the future.
Your guestbook can be part of your wedding website, another precious memory that you don’t need to worry about losing and can take a peek at any time after the event simply by turning on your device and going to your website’s address.
And of course, the image gallery and slideshow can be a real source of nostalgia, something to show the grandkids in fact! Keep all your pictures of the bride and groom in one handy place, sharing your joy with anyone who wants to look. As well as the newlyweds, why not also have pictures of your guests and other members of the bridal party, your wedding cars, your venues, the food that you enjoyed on your big day, a close up of the rings, snaps of the flowers, gifts, and pretty much anything related to your wedding day? But why stop there?
You can store pictures of your honeymoon on your site too, showing your family and friends the great time you had together. And, as your journey through life continues and you grow together as a couple, your site can grow too; you can record all significant milestones in real time, updating your site as things occur. Your anniversaries, the births of children, house moves, job changes, new pets … anything you want!
You can link to videos and audio clips with ease too. Perhaps you’d like to keep a movie of your first dance, a clip of you arriving at the venue, an audio recording of songs you had played?
Visit to get started. A beautiful wedding template is completely free, so start recording events now for your future memories and smiles.     

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