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Are you currently planning a conference or event? Often large and normally formal, conferences are often used by companies to connect with all their members of staff at the same time, and provide information, encouragement, goals, and targets. Conferences can also include delegates from a number of companies and organizations, with each attendee having an interest in the theme. Examples may include conferences related to the environment, climate change, animal welfare, homelessness prevention, and a range of other causes.
Conferences can be meetings that are aimed at certain professions and study areas, for example healthcare, IT developments, hospitality, and law, or they may be focused at people with a shared interest or hobby. From conventions related to Star Wars to large gatherings for people interested in knitting, there are many types of conferences.

Planning a conference involves a substantial amount of work, with many services being booked, delegates informed, speakers arranged, and so on. Whether you’re a regular conference planner or it’s your first time, have you considered having a website for your conference?

It makes perfect sense when you stop and think about it …

You can easily track and streamline your communications. From the venue to the caterers, and from the key speakers to attendees, a Hopinit website lets you keep all your contacts in one easy place. People can easily connect with you via the contact form, and the Google Maps function lets you display the venue with ease, along with any relevant transportation information, making sure that everyone can find the place.

More and more people shun traditional paper invitations to events, instead choosing to send invitations online. Use your website to invite people to the conference, and conveniently monitor replies.

You can list the schedule on the site, allowing people to check whenever they like, including any important times, such as for arrivals, registration, and lunch.

If your event spans several days, you can also use your website to provide accommodation options close to the venue, really helpful information for delegates that adds that edge to round-robin-style emails.

Any pre-reading materials can be provided for download; no need to worry about important emails getting lost in a person’s overflowing inbox. All information and any guidelines can be accessed online at any time to suit. No more excuses!  

You want the conference to come across as slick, professional, smooth, and well-organized, and having a website helps you to achieve all of that and more.

A website doesn’t only assist with the planning and organization of a conference. How about afterwards? Would you normally send a thank you to attendees and speakers? Do it online through your site! How about circulating pictures from your successful conference? With a gallery and slideshow for images you can publish pictures and reminders from the day(s). Other things you could make available include copies of any presentations and speeches delivered throughout the day, answers to any questions that were raised during the conference, and plans for future events. Your website doesn’t become defunct as soon as the last person has left the building, indeed, it can really come into its own in the following weeks and months.

Easy to create with a Hopinit template, give your conference that extra polished edge with a stylish, business-minded, professional, and easy-to-navigate website.     

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