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Dance the night away!

Have you ever stopped to consider the amount of things there are for people to do at nighttime? Sure, it may not be quite so much as during the day, but there are definitely plenty of nightlife options. From restaurants to bars and nightclubs, not to mention things like the movies, bowling, night zoos, and other more quirky attractions, there are heaps of things nowadays for people to do after the sun has gone down. While someone looking for a slap-up meal won’t really be interested in knowing about a nightclub, people who are itching to don their glad rags, drink, and dance the night away will be.
In any given city or town there are often at least a few clubs to choose between. How can you increase your business and make sure that you’re the go-to option for people wanting to paint the town red? With a website!
Whether someone is new in town, just passing through and looking for some fun at night, or a long-time local looking to broaden their nocturnal entertainment options, lots of people tend to search online for things to do in a particular area. If you ain’t there, you ain’t being considered. Simple as.
Optimized for SEO, make sure people find you when they’re looking for fun after dark. Handing out flyers is all well and good, but flyers got lost, people have already made arrangements to meet their buddies in another place. Make sure that you’re on their mind from the start of their night! Be the place people set out to visit for a good old dance and night of partying.
Portray the sense of fun and energy that people can expect in your club. Create a dynamic and attractive website that entices people through your doors and onto your dance floor. Building a cool site doesn’t need to be difficult … indeed, if you use a free Hopinit template it’s not only cost effective, but also super simple to do.
The interactive website is fully mobile responsive with a clean design. The theme and layout have been designed using css3 and html5, which, when putting aside the technical jargon, means the site will be smart, stylish, modern, and, in a word, awesome! If you already have a website but feel like it’s a bit flat, why not have a redesign and get the best nightclub website? What have you got to lose?
Lead people right to your front door with the Google Maps feature; show where you are on the map.
Tell people all important info about your place, including cover charges, examples of drinks prices, any happy hours or discounts, your opening hours, ID policies, dress codes, number of rooms, types of music played in the different rooms, capacity, resident DJs, and special events, and so on. Make people eager to trip the light fantastic right to your club.
If people have any questions they can easily ask thanks to the built-in contact form. A large party, for example, may be looking to hire a particular room, buy advance tickets, secure VIP seating, and so on.
Images on your site speak volumes. Wouldn’t you be more inclined to head somewhere that has loads of happy people having fun? Get some professional shots done of your crowds, your DJs, your bars, drinks, and interiors, and display them with pride in your image gallery and / or slideshow. You can also link to videos and sound clips for a more interactive experience.  
Ask people what they think about your nightclub and share their praises. Somebody thinks yours is the best club in the world? Include it in your testimonials. They rocked out on their 21st and had a night to (not) remember? Get it in the testimonials. A bachelor party had a wicked night filled with fun and frolics? Testimonials! You get the idea!
Other features include a menu bar, making navigating the site easy, and social buttons, letting you hook up with existing social media channels such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Are there any reasons NOT to take your nightclub online?!

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