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When you wander along a street just how many bars and restaurants there usually are? And, new establishments seem to be popping up all the time, adding new competition to an already highly competitive industry. It can be difficult to attract new clientele. But there is a way to draw people in without using fancy signs and hard-to-ignore promotions that may well break the bank. With a customized website!
Whether you serve bar snacks, focus on Mexican cuisine, dish up a mean pizza, have a sizzling hot grill or a BBQ with tasty smoked meats, specialize in veggie-friendly fare, offer a sweet selection of desserts, cakes, and pastries, have the best deals on burgers, offer the most extensive wine list in town, serve an exciting range of craft beers, go all out on your mixology and create the most enticing and innovative cocktails, or something else, show people why they should choose you for their next night out, casual meal, party, or big event.

More and more people make plans using the internet, especially with a wealth of information available at their fingertips via their cell phones. It’s not so common for people to leave it to chance and roam the streets assessing their options before choosing somewhere and walking through the doors. How will people choose your establishment if they don’t even know it exists?!

Be the place where a group chooses to meet by showing them why you are ideal with an easy-to-create and user-friendly website. Establish your online space with your own domain name and a Hopinit template. Whether you’re a swanky bar, a laid-back pub, a chilled out café, or a fine-dining restaurant, a website lets you connect with your potential customer base. Someone seeking tacos won’t be interested in a burger joint, just as a steak lover won’t pick a vegetarian eatery. But the people who are looking for just what you offer can find you with ease!

Tempt people with beautiful pictures of your food, drinks, and interiors, all displayed in a cool gallery or slideshow. Perhaps include some candid shots of patrons having a fabulous time in your bar, and some smiling headshots of your servers and bar staff. It’s your website to reflect your business. Make it shine!

Include a copy of your menu, or, if you’re concerned about competitors sneaking a peek and would prefer to keep it a surprise, list some examples along with the general cuisine and drinks offered. Had any five-star feedback and glowing recommendations? Include them in the testimonials. Few things encourage people to try new places more than seeing how others have loved it. Human beings, we don’t like missing out. Show exactly why people would be missing out if they overlooked your joint!

Use Google Maps to pinpoint your exact location, encourage bookings, made easy by the contact form, and link your site to any social pages through simple buttons; you could even encourage customers to post more reviews and share their pictures from a great evening at your place. 

There are so many possibilities, and it all starts with your website builder, Hopinit template, and your imagination!  Watch business boom and bookings soar when you become more noticeable online and have your own website. 

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