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Are you a great teacher or tutor?

There’s an often-quoted saying that says behind every great student or person is a great teacher. You might be the best teacher in the world, with a wealth of knowledge to impart and some excellent skills to teach, but do you have enough students? How do you connect with ne students in the most efficient way?
Word of mouth is great for people who want private tuition, as people tend to attach great weight to the positive experiences of others. Advertisements can also be a good way to catch the eye of someone who is interested in learning something new. But what about online marketing? Do you promote your services and expertise online?
Have you ever considered having your own website?
Accessible by anyone everywhere all around the clock, your personal website is a fantastic way for people to learn more about you and your methodologies, and can be a great way for people to make contact regarding taking that initial step in their learning journey.
Whether you teach children, adults, or people of all ages and no matter what subject(s) you tutor, reach out to the people who want to become your students with a professional website.
You may think that having your own unique site would be costly and difficult, but with Hopinit it’s time to rethink! You can get a beautiful, modern, and clean teaching template, removing the need to pay an IT professional to design your site or learn how to do it yourself, and the cost … ? Completely free! Simple to setup, with real-time updates and fully mobile responsive, the layout and theme have been created with teaching professionals in mind. Your site can be customized too, letting you stand out from the crowd.
Tell potential students about your own skills, experiences, qualifications, and education in the about section. Include an image of you in the gallery, perhaps along with some of you in teaching action. Detail the services that you provide, along with costs and availability, in the services section. And, you can also easily link your site to your social media accounts too.
If you offer tutoring at your home, a learning center, or another location, the Google Maps feature gives clear guidance for how to actually access your lessons. It may be that you travel to people’s private homes for classes.
There is an easy-to-use contact form too, meaning that people can request further information, discuss their requirements and learning goals, and make appointments with total ease.
The testimonials section is especially great, as you can include brilliant feedback from former or existing students that you have helped to progress.  
No matter what topics you teach, from English, foreign languages, math, science, and geography, through to singing, swimming, guitar, piano, art, business, and website design, there are always people wanting to learn what you teach. You just need to help them to find you!
You can arrange your web hosting and domain name too through, making creating your website as easy as ABC. You’re a modern teacher in a modern world; use modern tools!
Go to Hopinit today and you’re sure to notice an increase in lesson bookings soon. 

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