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There are many kinds of teachers, with those that work in schools for kids and older students of all ages and abilities, colleges, adult learning establishments, and other centers for education, those that offer religious and spiritual guidance, teachers who are employed or contracted by companies to impart knowledge on a range of subjects to their staff, tutors who give one-on-one lessons or small group classes, and more.
Teachers may work in academic establishments or other institutes, for example dance schools, music schools, sports schools, and language centers, etc.
While most elementary school teachers teach a broad range of subjects, it is common for other teachers to specialize in just a few subjects, sometimes even just one. Core subjects in schools typically include math, science, English, foreign languages, religious education, geography, history, physical education, art, and music. Many schools offer additional subjects too, sometimes compulsory and sometimes elective. These may include cookery, woodwork, metalwork, textiles, IT, and learning how to play musical instruments. There are teachers dedicated to giving guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, drum lessons, and so on.
Of course, many subjects are also taught outside of schools. Some skills are taught to cater to the advancement of hobbies and interests, such as diving and swimming lessons. Bible studies and the study of other religious texts are important in some communities and / or families. Indeed, everything that you can learn generally needs a teacher in one form or another. Teaching need not be limited to the classroom.
Why would a teacher need a website? Well, often a teacher’s website helps them to connect with students who want to learn what they teach! You might be the best teacher in a particular topic, but without students your abilities can be quite pointless.
A teacher might also want their own website to act as their online resume when looking for promotions and career advancement opportunities.
Get a free template from and build a professional and slick site with ease.
You can use the about section to tell prospective students all about you, detailing your own education, qualifications, years of experience, and any particular teaching methods that you use. You may also want to mention if a student requires any equipment of their own before taking a class, for example certain text books, an instrument, diving gear, etc. The services section should set out exactly what you can offer and who your study programs are generally suitable for. You may also wish to include prices, course plans, and your availability.
Will students need to travel to a particular location for classes or are you a tutor that travels to a student’s home? If they need to go to a center or other place you can help them to find you with ease with Google Maps.
Have you had previous satisfied students that benefitted greatly from your instruction? Get some testimonials and post them on your web page. Online reviews can really be a great incentive for those who want to learn.
A Hopinit site is mobile responsive, with social buttons, an image gallery and slideshow, and an easy-to-use menu bar. With a layout and theme designed especially with teachers in mind, take your teaching to the next level and increase your student numbers with  

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