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So, education’s your strong point, but you’re not so tech savvy. Don’t worry! Your school can still have a professional and clean website thanks to Hopinit.coms free template for schools. Created using the latest html5 and css3, your site will look great and modern while imparting the important details about your educational establishment. And, everyone knows that education is important!
You may be asking, why does a school need a website?
Websites are essentially sources of information. Think about the information that you want the general public, teachers, and students to know about your school, and the answer becomes clear to see. You can share results, give details about subjects taught, provide information about forthcoming events, boost student pride by sharing awards and achievements, and more. Is school closed for a snow day, teacher training, or an unforeseen emergency? You don’t need round-robin type call lists anymore; people can just check the site for updates and news.
You want to be more environmentally friendly and set a positive example? Why send notes home when you can post vital information on your website?
Perhaps you have recommended reading lists for different school years or a list of textbooks that they need to obtain. Having these details online leaves little wriggle room for students to say that they didn’t know!
A great website can help to create a positive image for your school. You can be a place that parents are proud to send their kids to and that students are proud to attend. You can also be a school where teachers are pleased to work.
The about and services sections can include the school’s philosophy, motto, ethos, history, mission, and vision. You can also detail teaching methods, resources, the enrollment process, ongoing staff development, an online brochure, extra-curricular activities, and more. Add testimonials from current and former staff and students to show what a person can expect from an experience at your school.
Upload images of your teachers, your classrooms, and students to the gallery and slideshow, backing up your words with visuals.
As well as including the school’s address, phone number, email address, and fax number, a built-in contact form makes life even easier for those with queries and feedback; they can connect with you in just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. You can even show exactly here your school is located thanks to the integrated Google Maps facility. If you have any social media pages, link them with buttons.
Designed so as to be completely user-friendly, the website is easy for you to set up and maintain, and easy for a viewer to navigate. The layout and theme can be customized and your site will be mobile responsive, meaning that somebody can view it from any device. Who said that education needs to be limited to a traditional PC?! People can access your school site from their cellphone, tablet, and other mobile devices. It’s interactive too.
Trust Hopinit for a fabulous school website.

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