Website Design with Video

So, you’ve created a cool video…

And are wondering how to promote it and how to encourage people to watch it. Whether it’s an entertainment or a music video, an instructional video or how-to guide, a fitness video, a video made on your travels and adventures, a promotional video for a company, business, product, or service, a fan video, a video for a football / baseball / basketball / hockey / other sports team, a wedding video, or any other kind of video, assumedly you created it for people to see!
You may be a professional videographer, an amateur video creator who does it mainly as a hobby, or somebody new to the game and just starting out. You might have used professional standard video shooting equipment, a camcorder designed primarily for making home movies, a GoPro, a smartphone, or any other device that can record moving images and sound.

Your video may features people, places, or animals. It may involve abstract concepts. It might have scripted speech, interviews, ambient noise, or background music. Your video might have been made in a studio, at home, out and about on the streets, or in nature. You might have spent hours editing your video or it may be raw material. It may even be part of a series. There are many types of videos and many ways to make a video!

Regardless of your theme, subjects, equipment, experience, or goals for your video, the best way to promote your video and showcase your skills and talents is with a dedicated website. Of course, you’ll probably already have your video, or at least a teaser / trailer, on a specialist video-sharing site, such as YouTube or Vimeo. But your website allows you to add so much more. And, with, it’s so simple and easy to create. You can even get your domain name at the same time and your website will be live as soon as you press to publish.

If you’re looking for videoing work or freelance projects, like filming a wedding or a documentary, connect with potential clients through your website. It is your online portfolio and a way for you to be proud of your creative work.

Display your video or teaser snippet in the center of your front page, include still clips and reel images in the gallery in you like, add a contact form, tell people about you, your skills, and your experience, add some info about your video … there’s so much you can do! If your video was made in a particular place, add context and show the location with Google Maps. Add social buttons to connect with existing social media channels. The navigation bar makes it easy for users to find their way around your site.

The layout and theme can be customized. The template is free and professional. It’s easy to build your website with Hopinit. What are you waiting for?!

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