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So, you’re an awesome graphic designer with heaps of talent. Where do you find your clients?

A graphic designer is a creative person that creates visual impressions for a range of purposes. The designs can include pictures, vectors, moving images / motion graphics, and text using different fonts and typefaces. Works are intended to be visually appealing and stimulating, grabbing attention, provoking thoughts, telling a story, or simply for their aesthetic value.

Designs may appear online, for example as part of a website’s banner, an advertisement, within social media posts, within online articles, or as part of an online brochure, etc. or the visual creations might appear in print. Print examples include advertisements, brochures, within magazines and newspapers, and so on. The work of graphic designers may also be used in other forms of electronic media, such as on the TV, on CDs, in video games, and more.

Look around you and you’ll no doubt be able to spot many examples of a graphic designer’s handiwork. Can you see a juice carton, a drinks bottle, a can of soup, a packet of chips, or pretty much any other food or drink item within some kind of labeled or branded packaging or container? How about makeup and toiletries? Pick up a magazine and flick through; any adverts? How about the front cover? Holiday brochure to hand? A CD sleeve? A book cover? Any kind of logo whatsoever? Logon to the internet and open a few websites. We bet you see loads of things that have been created by a graphic designer!

Some professionals focus solely on printed materials, others work with electronic materials, and there are some who work with both.

Almost all marketing for a brand includes elements of graphic design. It is so pervasive that a regular person may never have stopped to actually consider the huge amount of work that goes in behind the scenes for many things that they see on a day-to-day basis.

You need a platform to display your designs and connect with clients. And a website built with Hopinit provides you with a smooth, easy, and cost-effective solution. Display your striking designs in the gallery and really let your talents shine through. Provide links to any external pages that feature your designs. Describe your qualifications and experience in the about section. Detail the services that you offer and tell people how to request a quote and discuss their requirements. A contact form built into your clean, professional, interactive, and mobile-responsive site is a perfect way for potential clients to reach you.

Simple to set up, a free Hopinit template can be tailored so as to be completely unique. There’s plenty of scope to customize your website, even though it’s so super easy to build. The beautiful template, created with css3 and html5, has a terrific theme and layout with graphic designers in mind. You can have a great website in a short time, saving your brainpower and creativity for on the job.

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