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If you’ve created a cool game, you want people to actually play it! Whether you’re launching a new game or are banging your head against the wall trying to figure out ways to make an existing game more enticing, you need your own website.

Indeed, a website can be a significant part of whether a game’s a huge hit or a miserable flop.
It might be a platform, racing, adventure, or action games. It may have a horror theme, involve role playing, be related to sports, or have simulated features. It might be based on construction, have a learning objective, require strategic thinking, be a quiz, or something else entirely. 

Whatever genre of game yours is, and whatever device it’s intended for (PC, smartphone, tablet, games console etc.), get your free gamer template and domain name from and get in the gaming website action. Don’t get lost in directories and online marketplaces or rely on forums and review sites to get the word out there.  

The gaming community is huge, but also fairly tight knit. There are hundreds upon hundreds of games already out there, with numerous video game developers, and the aim is to make your game the hottest thing around. Better than sliced bread. The bee’s knees. Make avid gamers fall for your game before they even play it. Whether it’s an app for a mobile, on a disc for a console, or another type of video game, help gamers to fall in love!  

Even if your game is still being created, get your website up and running and get people talking about it and anticipating its release. Small teasers can be enough to generate interest and start building an interesting community, not overlooking the fact that your site can assist with crowdfunding initiatives and give details about pre-ordering the game.
Give people the highlights of your game before diving into a full-on description. Detail what operating system is needed, along with any system requirements, link to press releases, and if it’s been released or pre-released already, bang some detailed testimonials up that will wow and dazzle others and show that they really need to give your game a whirl.

Tell people where they can purchase your game; is it available in stores, downloadable from certain sites, etc.? Be sure to also include the cost!

Giving behind-the-scenes info and providing a peek into the making of your game is another great way to attract attention and reel people in.  

You may want to include your own bio in the about section, especially relevant if you are hoping to find work using your game-making talents. Remember, your website doesn’t just have to be about promoting and selling your game; it can also promote you and any services you offer too! Look upon your site as an online portfolio, resume, and business card.

Images in the gallery section can be clicked to expand into big, beautiful, and attention-grabbing pics. How about a few stills from your game? You can use various images to show the story of your game, illustrating how it progresses during play. If you have a video for your game, of course, give that a prominent place on your site too.

Connect your Hopinit site to your social media pages and accounts, make getting in touch easy with a contact form, and let your website market and promote your game all around the clock. People are always on the lookout for new entertainment, leisure, amusement, and pleasurable activities. Let them find a new outlet for fun through your website; let them find your game.

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