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People who work in computer repairs perform a huge amount of tasks, many of which a regular person may not even consider … until their computer breaks and they need assistance!

Often known as computer repair technicians, responsibilities typically involve maintaining and fixing computers and servers, with a range of other possible duties including software updates, maintaining networks, and ensuring that any new hardware is configured correctly.
Do you find it’s a common misconception that people think if you can fix one aspect related to computers that you are an expert in anything and everything related to computing? 

Related to hardware you might be experienced in mending desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, clusters, or servers. You may or may not work with other related equipment, such as scanners, printers, speakers, mice, keyboards, and hard drives, and you might be the go-to person for any issues with networking hardware, such as Wi-Fi networks and routers. And then there are people who focus on software repair and maintenance, updating, installing, and uninstalling programs as required and necessary. Let’s not mention dealing with bugs and viruses!   
People who fix computers for a living may be employed by a company, working as part of a wider IT team or an individual member of staff, might work in a dedicated store where members of the public take their broken computers to seek help, or they may work on a freelance basis.

Almost all companies rely on IT systems today, which means that they need people to maintain and fix their computers when needed. Whether they have in-house staff or use external contractors, a computer repair technician is essential for almost every business to function effectively.

Having a website is essential for anyone who works independently in the area of computer repairs. Why? Well, think about it. Somebody, a private individual or a small company, has a problem with a piece of their computer technology. They need this item to be fully functioning in order to be able to work, complete their studies, or, on some cases, communicate with friends and family or for leisure. So what do they do? Oftentimes they will search the net for a computer repair expert in the locality. Sometimes, they will ask around for recommendations from people that they know.  

Build your easy-to-navigate website with a Hopinit template and make your business known. Make it easy for people to find the services that they need; make it easy for people to find you! Also, with Google Maps, it literally is easy for people to find you; they can locate your store or workshop simply by viewing your website.

Describe your services, certifications, and specialties on your site and demonstrate why you are the best person to fulfill the customer’s needs. Provide details of how a person can contact for a quote, and perhaps the approximate turnaround time for any repairs; people generally want to know that their devices will be fixed in a timely manner.

Your free template comes with a range of other features and tools, including image displays (gallery and slideshow), social buttons, and a testimonials section. Created with css3 and html5, you can be assured of a modern and professional website when you use a template from

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