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Stand out from the app crowd!

Have you created a fabulous app that’s going to be the next best thing since sliced bread? There are so many apps in today’s mobile-based world, covering almost anything and everything that a person may need, as well as some things that they don’t! Shopping, travel, transportation, learning, translation, games … there are many, many apps competing for attention. How can you make yours stand out from the app crowd?
Whether you’ve created your app for android or iOS, get the traction you deserve and help spread the word about your cool app with your own website. Don’t fall short at the last tech-related requirement and leave out an important tool in your marketing and promotional activities. Creating your professional and interactive website is easy with a website-builder template from

Thanks to a mobile responsive design, users can learn more about your app through your website whether they access your site from a computer or via mobile. Spread the word about your app no matter how people access the web and what device they use. You’ve created an app; it’s time to be proud and share how fabulous it is!

The first thing that people will see is your slick landing page. Design your landing page to reflect what your app is about and help to hook people before they read more or look further. A brilliant design is crucial. That’s why Hopinit’s templates allow you to fully customize your site’s appearance and layout, whilst retaining several key elements. Show users why they should choose your app, and, at the same time, have the website that you dreamed about.

Clean, responsive, simple, and easy to navigate, create the best website for your app, complete with a user-friendly navigation bar, social buttons, a contact form, and integration with Google Maps. Use your image gallery and image slideshow to give a sneak peek and snapshot into your app; people are visual creatures and love to see how things work.

The about section can really sell your app, explaining why it is the ultimate choice for users, and how exactly it will help with their day-to-day lives or bring fun to their world. Have you created a range of terrific apps? Let people know! List your other apps in one handy place. Including testimonials from other users adds authenticity and credibility, and can really entice others to follow suit and stop missing out. A third-party perspective can really work wonders.

Your website can also act as your portfolio, showcasing your app development skills. You never know who may be in touch after being wowed! Your site allows potential opportunities to find you, rather than you always being the one who needs to search. Collaborations and projects may come knocking!

You’ve invested your time, energy, money, and brainpower into creating a top app; why stop there? Take that extra step and have a landing page to be proud of, a beautiful and professional finishing edge to showcase your achievements and inspire users to really want to use your services.    

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