Bio Template for Speakers

Let’s talk about … talking!

Are you a public speaker? Are you thinking of ways to get more appointments and bookings? Are there themes that you’re especially passionate about that you want to shout about loud and clearly to the world?
Get your own website, complete with your personal domain name, and start spreading the news. Whether you’re a motivational speaker, an academic speaker, a religious speaker, a debate expert, or another kind of speaker, use the Internet to speak for you too!
A website is your online portfolio, online spokesperson, online salesperson, buddy builder, resume, and online business card, all in one. It’s great to have speaking skills, but in today’s fast-paced and competitive world you also need to ramp up your marketing skills too.  
Get a free template from Hopinit and start reaching out to more and more people. The bootstrap template was created using css3 and html5, making it modern, fresh, up to date, and clean. It is also optimized for SEO purposes. You can look forward to a beautiful and professional site with Hopinit. And, as well as a free template, complete with a great layout and elegant theme, you can also personalize and customize your site to make it unique to you.
Upload pictures of you in mid flow for the gallery and picture slideshow. Show how the audience is listening to your words. You may also want to include examples of presentations, slideshows, and handouts that you’ve used to accompany your speeches. If you have any videos or audio clips, even better! Add links to them on your website so people can really see you in action.
You can include details of previous speaking engagements and key clients in the about section, and list the services that you offer in the services section. If you offer other services too, such as speech writing or coaching, make sure that you include those too.
You may want to include a telephone number for people who want to discuss speaking requirements and work, but the contact form makes it even easier for people to make that first contact and find out more information. People are often more comfortable starting communications online rather than face to face or on the phone; not everyone has the same confidence and comfort levels as a public speaker!
Have any of your previous clients praised your talents and abilities? Get some reviews and comments and include them in the testimonials section. It’s easy for an individual to big themselves up, but the words of others can carry so much more weight.
Other features of a Hopinit site include social buttons, letting you connect your site to a range of social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and GooglePlus, a navigation bar, and integration with Google Maps. The site is also built to be mobile responsive, meaning that it doesn’t matter whether somebody accesses your website from a computer or mobile device. It will still display well and look good.
An important tool for any public speaker, start marketing yourself more with your own website.   

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