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Interior design is, as the name suggests, all about the design of the insides of a property. While a designer usually works with homes, they may also work with commercial premises, for example making offices and lobbies match corporate ideals, hotels, and other businesses. Interior design can be about projecting a certain image or creating a space that is aesthetically pleasing for the occupier.
Using colors, patterns, textures, and themes, interior designers work with clients, using their creativity, to give rooms, homes, and entire buildings makeovers that will make the owners proud. It can incorporate the décor and decorative elements and embellishments, furniture types, and room layouts.

An interior designer may be asked to set a certain mood, such as professional, relaxing, or romantic, a client may have a color scheme in mind, or they may wish to have a particular look, such as vintage, retro, Victorian, contemporary, etc.

Interior designers typically study at a special design school, and build a portfolio of ideas and previous projects. But where should they keep these portfolios? And, more importantly, how should they find clients?

A great interior designer needs a fabulous website! And not just any old website either. Think about it … if your website is unprofessional, poorly designed, and not all that attractive, how will a client have confidence that you will do a great job? The answer is that they won’t!

Luckily, creating a beautiful website is simple when you use The free templates let you create a cost-effective website that looks stylish and hooks in potential customers from the word go. The responsive theme can be customized, as can the layout, yet the basics are already in place, meaning that you don’t need to know any coding, fiddle about with drag and drop templates, or have any knowledge of WordPress or other CMS systems. It really is that easy!

The gallery and slideshow can be used to show past projects, perhaps including before and after images to really show the difference that you have made to a space. Humans are very visual creatures; appeal to their senses by showcasing your best work.

Human beings are also very much herd creatures; appeal to this herd and pack instinct and show how other people have benefitted from your services, skills, and expertise by making full use of the testimonials section. Glowing reviews can really help to seal the deal when people are looking for services such as interior design.

Tell potential clients all about you, list your services and qualifications, and give an idea of rates as well as letting people know how they can obtain a quote. Make sure to capture that initial contact while you and your work are fresh in people’s minds. The contact form makes it easy for people to get in touch with you at any time.

You can even get your site’s name, your domain name, from at the same time, so … no more excuses! Have a smart and stylish online presence to match your skills and snag those extra projects.  

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