Website Templates for Business Owners

Hello entrepreneurs!

You’ve had an amazingly awesome idea, done the research, raised the necessary capital, and you’re finally starting out on the path of entrepreneurship. Congratulations! Whether you’re working from home, a co-working space, a business center, the library, or you’ve gone the whole hog and committed to office space, you are now a small business. And, a small business needs a great website!
Even if you’re still creating your plan or proposal, a website can help you find collaborators, people who want to help with funding, and gain valuable input.

Whether you’re idea is for goods, services, or something else all together, and whether you plan on making sales over the internet or not, a website should be an essential part of your business plan. It doesn’t have to be all singing and all dancing at this stage, we understand that you’re still probably finding your feet and caught up in the whirlwind of starting your business. Don’t worry, you can have a terrific professional website with Hopinit, and then add to it later, growing your site as your business grows.

But for now, you do need at least the basics. Your logo, business name, about your venture, and ways to contact you are just the start.

Don’t fret about the cost or the time needed to build your website either. A free Hopinit template makes creating the best website easy. With no need to mess around with Wordpress or fiddly drag and drop builders, your template can be easily customized to be perfect for you. Make as many or as few changes as you like, it’s entirely up to you. Change your colors and your fonts, upload your own pictures or choose some from the included gallery. Social buttons, Google Maps, and a testimonials section are other cool features you can look forward to playing around with.

Why should you have a website if you’re only just starting out, you might ask. There are so many reasons! Your website is your online business card and a round-the-clock sales assistant. People can find your business even when you’re sleeping when you have an online presence.

Consumers in the modern, digital world often look to the internet to help them find what they are looking for. You can’t be found if you’re not there! A website for entrepreneurs helps you to compete against those in a similar field, can make you look more professional, and can add credibility to your ventures. You can reach a wider customer base, network, and provide information about your business.

A website can also save you money and time. People can contact through the built-in contact form, meaning you can dedicate time to dealing with messages as opposed to taking calls on the spot. You don’t need to rely so much on mailed communications and phone calls at all.    

Indeed, are there any reasons for entrepreneurs not to have a website?! Visit and get cracking on your modern website today. 

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