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The corporate world is everywhere!

The word corporate refers to a large company, business, or group that forms a corporation, a singular body in a legal sense, and usually divided into those that operate for profit and whether or not the group can issue stock. Corporations are registered, and have many guidelines and rules as set down by law. Corporate can also be used in a wider sense, however, to refer to the business image of a large company. It is common, for example, to hear references to corporate dress codes, corporate culture, corporate identity, and corporate vision.
Corporate spans many industries; from hotels and airlines, to banking institutions, real estate agencies, private medical and educational establishments, and many, many more examples that are too numerous to list, the corporate world is everywhere!

One thing that should never be overlooked, for any business, large or small, is the importance of a corporate website. An integral part of any company profile, a corporate website lets you set out the exact nature of business, connecting you with a range of people who may benefit your business in a variety of ways.

Are you looking for new expert staff members? Advertise on your website. Do you have services or goods to sell? Promote and publicize online through your site. Do you have important news to share with customers / clients / shareholders / staff / members of the public? Announce it on your website.

A Hopinit template makes creating a professional, fresh, and modern website simple and affordable. Interactive with different themes and layouts, maintain consistency and let your corporate colors shine on your site, and give you logo and any taglines or slogans pride of place. 

Your website should be a valuable part of your company’s identity, an extension to your business card if you like.

Explain what your company does. Set out your visions. Illustrate why potential customers, clients, or partners should choose you. Your online presence is a way to really connect with people and create a positive first impression.

The gallery can be useful if you want to display headshots of key members of your management team or other members of staff. Many people, whether acting in a business or private capacity, like to be able to connect a face to a name and see who they have spoken to on the phone, been involved in an email exchange with, need to contact, or have a forthcoming meeting with. Add this connection with visuals.

As well as listing your head office’s details and other office locations, you can use the integrated Google Maps feature to add something extra and actually show people.

In addition to listing contact details (if appropriate) you can encourage people to get in touch via the contact form. Not only is this use friendly but it also allows your business to streamline communications and ensure that enquires, requests, etc. are sent to the appropriate member of the team for action. A dedicated person monitoring the contact requests and fielding them appropriately can be much more efficient in the long term than a mass of emails and telephone messages floating between different members of staff.  

Including a navigation bar, sections related to services and about you, testimonials, social, and more, move more towards success with

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