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Attention all real estate agents…

How’s that bus bench working out for you? A real estate agent is a trained professional that the public relies on for accurate advice on real estate transactions.

Whether you specialize in residential realty, commercial realty, or any number of unique real estate related fields, if you are among these professionals, you probably rely on the public to make a living.
The quality and knowledge of one’s realtor can make or break the experience of one of the most important life occurrences; the sale or purchase of real estate. Whether you’re a multi-unit developer or a first-time home buyer, partnering with the right real estate professional is of utmost importance. A realtor must also have an adaptive personality in order to work harmoniously with all types of clients. Remember, during a real estate search, a lot of time is spent with the realtor and it is necessary that the experience is a comfortable one, for both the client as well as the agent. There will most likely be car rides shared, numerous phone conversations, and possibly even social gatherings, such as discussing your real estate needs over lunch, etc. And, during a sale, clients are often parting with a significant part of their lives and are likely to be very emotional. Not to mention that the reasons people part with their homes certainly vary and can be a key factor in the temperament of a client.

Okay. So you are a realtor, and you’re great. You are knowledgeable, have a great personality, and your work is affordable. Your face is even on the bus stop at 5th and Main. Do enough people contact you from that bus stop? Advertisements for realtors seem to show up in the oddest places. On bus benches, of course! But there are ads on the backs of supermarket receipts, on shopping carts, in skywriting, at car washes, on restaurant tables and menus, and so on.

Sure it’s great to put a face with a name. But really, it’s five seconds of exposure, at most. Studies show that a little more research can go a long way. If that five seconds of exposure were on a website, it would more likely produce better results. With a quick and simple website and personal domain from, that five-second exposure has much more effect, as it will lead potential clients to learn about who you really are as a real estate professional. At, you don’t need to worry about being too tech savvy or finding a bright kid to build you a website. Even if you are fairly tech savvy,’s site templates are designed to be a quick and easy way to show the world who you are. So you can spend more time on being a realtor and less time building your website.

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