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A dog trainer is a person who works with dogs of all breeds and sizes, using a range of techniques and methods to modify a dog’s behavior (usually to make it better behaved and obedient!), teach a dog to perform certain tasks or help with certain activities, for example in the case of assistance dogs, and other aspects related to canine behavior and training. Doggie potty training is another major reason for many pet owners to search out a dog trainer. 
Trainers analyze the behavioral patterns of dogs and use practical techniques to work with the animals. Dogs are known to be intelligent creatures that constantly learn and process information from every interaction they have with people and the world around them.

Different trainers use varying methods to achieve success, including the clicker method, training based on either establishing a relationship or dominance, and motivational techniques. The Koehler method, established half a century ago and relying on a dog’s memory and association with good and bad events to correct behavior, is another common way of training dogs. Positive reinforcements and punishments may both be used in training programs, though many people do not like the idea of their pets being punished during their training.

It is fairly common for people to seek training for puppies and younger dogs, in an attempt to correct behavioral problems from an early age, though some people may also seek training for older dogs. It’s certainly not true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

As well as individuals enlisting the help of dog trainers to help them deal with their pet, a number of organizations use animals to perform certain roles, and therefore require training at the start of a dog’s career. Dogs are used by the police to track scents in order to apprehend felons and find missing people, detect drugs, and gunpowder, and find dead bodies. Assistance dogs help people with sight and hearing problems, and some dogs are trained to help alert sufferers of illnesses such as epilepsy and diabetes of an impending attack. Therapy dogs also require training, as do dogs used by medics, the military, security guards, and so forth.

If you specialize in dog training, connect with potential customers via your own website. Easy to design with a free Hopinit template, your professional website is a major way for people to find you.

Imagine a distressed pooch owner, looking for someone to help with their naughty pup. Somebody whose faithful friend won’t or can’t even master the command of sitting? Where do you think they would look first? Probably an online search engine! Don’t rely on social pages and online directories to bring business to you; create a great first impression and set out your skills, experience, and doggie success stories with your own customized site.

People looking to learn more about your methods could easily find that information if … only you had a website! Set up an FAQ section and provide potential clients with the answers to their questions before they even ask them. Pet owners and professional animal handlers want to know that their dog is not only going to get great training, but that they will also be well looked after. Offer this reassurance before the individual even makes contact.

Speaking of contact, a built-in contact form makes it super easy and efficient for people to get in touch and make appointments. And Google Maps makes actually finding your premises a walk in the park.

If you offer any extra services, such as grooming and pet sitting, or are a breeder, add those details too. Do you have a store selling dog-related items, or are there any things a person should buy for their dog, such as collars or a crate, prior to their training program starting? Let them know online!

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