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Plumbers work with water and / or gas, specifically the pipes that carry liquids or gases. A plumber’s responsibilities may include repairing and maintaining existing pipelines or fitting new pipes and connections. They perform a range of tasks to ensure that the gases or liquids can be carried from A to B safely and securely. Associated jobs can include creating holes in floors, walls, and ceilings for pipes to pass through, laying pipes in the ground, unblocking pipes, drains, and plugs, making sure that faucets work as they should, soldering copper pipes, cutting pipes, and hanging supports to hold pipes.
Other tasks that a plumber may do include installing and repairing water heaters, toilets, dishwashers, and washing machines, maintaining sewage systems and waste water facilities, fixing leaks, and emptying septic tanks.  
Plumbers may work as independent contractors or they might be employed by a plumbing business. On occasions, plumbers may also be employed by a non-plumbing company to take care of all their plumbing needs. The workplace may be private homes, offices, public buildings, hotels … essentially, anywhere that has pipes! Plumbers may need to work on pipes that run through fields and under roads. Pipes are everywhere!
A plumber undergoes vocational training, rather like an apprenticeship, often earning certification. They may also attend a range of other courses to make sure that they can do everything needed for the job, such as courses related to gas safety, health and safety, lifting, operating welding and soldering machinery, and so forth. Plumbers need to be licensed to work in most states.
Some plumbers specialize in certain areas, while others offer a broader array of services.
Many people looking for a reputable plumber begin their search online, turning to the internet for information and reviews. This is why every good plumber needs a great website!
Increase business and get more work by creating a professional and clean website with a free Hopinit template. Designed to meet your needs and let you showcase your skills and expertise in a way that really grabs attention, the site is easy to build and great to look at. It’s user friendly as well as being simple to build.
Tell people all about the particular services that you offer, your availability, your typical rates, any emergency call-out fees, how to contact you in the case of an urgent plumbing emergency, your certifications and education, and all other relevant information that will make people see that you are the best person for the job.
You can add life to your site with the image gallery and slideshow. There are many pictures already available for you to use for free, or you can also upload some of your own if you like. The beauty of a Hopinit website is that it is super easy to create but can also be customized so as to be unique and look just how you want it to look.
Tired of having to down tools to field calls relating to quotes? Why not let people get in touch through the contact form and deal with administrative matters at a time that is more convenient for you?  
Other useful features that you can enjoy with your Hopinit site include integration with Google Maps, a theme that is mobile responsive, full interactivity, an easy-to-use menu, testimonials, and social buttons. 

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