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Mechanics use various tools and skills to fix and / or build different types of machinery. Many people may associate the term with auto mechanics, who perform car repairs, but there are lots of different types of mechanic. Mechanics can be loosely categorized as heavy weight, meaning that they deal with larger pieces of machinery, and light eight, meaning that they commonly work with smaller equipment.
As well as mechanics who work with automotives, including cars and trucks, there are mechanics that repair / maintain / build bicycles, boilers, motorbikes, airplanes, air conditioning units, refrigeration systems, industrial machinery, and so on.
Usually vocationally trained and with some form of official certification, mechanics may have different specializations and offer additional services, for example working with electrics as well. Car repair specialists may focus on, for example brakes, engines, transmission, and steering.
Mechanics may have premises where they primarily work from, such as a garage or workshop, as is typical with automotive mechanics, or they may be called to attend a particular place, such as fixing a car that has broken down at the side of the road, an office that has issues with its air-conditioning systems, and going to repair an aircraft at a hangar, etc.
Being a mechanic is a very hands-on job! Whilst you are likely to feel more at home in a pair of overalls and your technical tools all around you, don’t shy away from your online tools too. A website is a great way for mechanics to find new customers, whether they be one-off jobs, like emergency repairs, or recurring maintenance and service contracts.
Many people turn to the Internet when looking for any tradesperson; your website is the way that people can find you all around the clock. As well as listing your phone number, for urgent matters, the contact form also means that people can make inquiries and book routine jobs in a more leisurely manner.
The about and services sections are perfect for listing your qualifications, expertise, experience, and the jobs that you typically undertake, as well as giving an idea of prices and how people can request a quote. Getting a quotation is easy through the contact form. If you offer additional services, such as car rentals while cars are being repaired, tell people!
If you have a workshop, show people exactly here they can find you with the help of Google Maps. And, if previous clients have sang your praises, use the testimonials section to really highlight the high levels of customer satisfaction.
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