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What does a handyman do?

A whole range of things! Often referred to as “odd jobs”, a handyman (or woman!) does many small repair jobs, usually around the home but sometimes also in offices, shops, and other commercial premises. A handyman may also do maintenance work, both inside and outside of the building, and perform cosmetic tasks, such as small paint jobs. There are many things that a handyman may be asked to do, using a range of skills; items may include plastering, mending a fence, tiling, laying flooring, changing light bulbs, helping to build DIY flat-pack furniture, erecting a new shed, assisting with rubbish removal, and so on.
A handyperson may work alone, as an independent one-person small company, or they may work as part of a team for a larger company. Handymen may be approached for one-off jobs and they may have recurring contractual work for set tasks each week or month.

A professional website is of the utmost importance for any handyman that wants to ensure a steady stream of new customers. Most people turn to the internet when seeking any tradesperson, and if you don’t have an online presence, the simple fact is that you can’t be found!

You don’t have to fork out heaps of money to get a beautiful customized website when you use a free and easy-to-use template from Hopinit.com. Fully mobile responsive, people can find you from any device, whether they’re surfing the web using their PC, laptop, tablet, or cellphone. You can be found 24 hours of the day, and people can get in touch whenever they want thanks to the built-in contact form. You have the freedom to deal with queries, make appointments, and provide quotations at a time that suits you; no more juggling phone calls while actually on a job!

The testimonials section lets you add reviews from former satisfied customers, adding weight to your professionalism and giving people confidence that not only will you get the job done, but that you will get the job done well. Customers give great weight to the words of others, so let others speak and make customers want you for their work.

Get visual too and use the gallery to display before and after pics, showing exactly what you have done.

You can list the types of work that you regularly undertake and the services that you offer, any professional certificates, and price guides. If you have any extra skills that are relevant that you can bring to the table, add them! Sure, you might focus on general handyman tasks, but if you are a qualified electrician, carpenter, plumber, gardener, and so on, why not maximize your potential? You may be surprised at how a small initial job can grow into something much bigger!

Look at your website at another essential tool of your trade. Your tools aren’t just your hammer, screwdrivers, and so on! Your website can be a major source of new custom for your business, an element that is essential to your success as your work’s van. Your vehicle gets you to where you need to be, while your website puts you in touch with those who use your services and pay your wage.

Get cracking! With Hopinit you can get your domain name and website template in one convenient place; it’s definitely handy for a handyman!

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