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Are you a legal eagle?

After putting in so much time, money, and effort to become legally qualified, wouldn’t it be nice to have an online space that showcases your skills, achievements, successes, and areas of specialization?
An attorney may be a general legal practitioner, accepting briefs from across the board, though it is more common for lawyers to build their practice around a particular field or niche. Areas of expertise may include divorce and family matters, contracts and other corporate business, health and safety, personal injury, banking and finance, employment and labor law, environmental, medical, immigration, human rights, real estate, criminal, and many more.

The term attorney is often used for an array of professions within the legal sphere; attorney-at-law, advocate, counsel, QC, barrister, legal adviser, legal representative, and legal practitioner are all examples of roles that may also be known as an attorney. Attorneys all have legal education and training, though some are also a member of the bar. 

An attorney may act on behalf of the prosecution or defense, performing tasks such as litigation, advocacy, negotiation, and drafting papers. An attorney is often asked to provide expert legal advice. Attorneys-at-law appear in court on behalf of clients, presenting a legal case and managing legal arguments.

Some attorneys work as part of a law firm, some are in-house employees of a company or business that is not in itself related to the law, and some are independent practitioners, accepting briefs from firms or individuals.

So, just how could a website benefit an attorney? Have you ever wandered along the streets of certain areas and noticed just how many law firms there are? Find a way to make your law business stand out from the rest. Put yourself in the shoes of a prospective client; where do you think they would begin their search for a legal specialist in a particular area? Online searches are a common approach.

A professional website lets you set out your areas of law in easy-to-understand terms for a layman. You can detail rates, experience, education, certificates, and all other pertinent information in one handy place. Templates from make creating the perfect website easy, helping your business to present itself well online and helping people to find the services that they need, i.e. you!

People seeking legal advice may be nervous and hesitant to pick up the phone. The first contact is painless by way of a simple contact form. This also reduces the number of telephone calls that your administrative staff need to field. You can manage your business more effectively, sending courteous but efficient replies to those people that you cannot assist, making requests for further information, and setting up appointments. Google Maps shows the exact location of your premises, leading to greater accessibility when it comes to meetings.

Use the image gallery to add a name to a face and help to build that ever-vital personal connection, utilize the testimonials to demonstrate why you’re the best person or firm for a case, and create a smooth web page that oozes professionalism from the start. Create the right impression; create an excellent attorney website with Hopinit!  

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