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A makeup artist is a creative person that works artistically with the human body. They use various techniques, products, and tools, and their work may involve the use of cosmetics and prosthetics.
A makeup artist might focus on a person’s face and / or hair, or makeup may be applied to the entire body, or parts of the body. Think, for example, of a hand model, modeling elegant rings and bracelets. The hand that potential customers see has usually come under the artistic eye of a makeup artist before the shots have been taken!
There are many reasons that an individual or company might engage the skills of a makeup artist. Models may be used in TV shows and movies, in theatrical productions, in advertisements, in fashion shows, in magazines, and so on. Models may also engage the services of a makeup artist for professional portfolio shots, and individuals might want to look their best for a whole range of reasons, including weddings, important business functions, graduation ceremonies, and other significant events.
Fashion makeup, theatrical makeup, special effects makeup, bridal makeup, high definition makeup, and airbrushing are all services that a makeup artist may offer.  
As well as actually applying products and makeup, a makeup artist may act as a consultant, offering tips and ideas for a person to use in their day-to-day life. They may recommend certain products for the face, body, and hair and show how to achieve the desired results.
While social media is a gigantic platform for artists to showcase their talents and network, having your own website is another essential tool for any successful makeup artist. It’s your own online portfolio of work, as well as a calling card that never stops working. You can easily publicize your services, experience, rates, and availability, making it easy for people to get in touch with you through the built-in contact form.
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The gallery and slideshow lets you really show off your skills. Include big striking images with plenty of details to really let people see what you can do. Let your artistic skills really shine! Make the testimonials work for you too, letting the words of others entice new customers.
If you have a studio or salon you can show people how to reach you with Google Maps. Social buttons link your website to other online pages you may have, such as social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, GooglePlus, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest.
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