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Let the blow drying begin!

Have you ever noticed just how many hair stylists there are in any given town? What makes a person chose, and stay loyal to, a particular stylist? One criterion is undoubtedly satisfaction with the results. Whether a person is seeking a routine cut and blow dry, a radical style or color change, their roots re-dying, a perm, bonding, hair extensions, or styling, like an up-do, beehive, or straightening, for a special occasion, such as a wedding, corporate event, or party, they want to know that they are going to walk out of the salon looking and feeling great.

Another overlooked element is the rapport and relationship that a person has with their stylist. While some people prefer to chat and swap stories, others prefer a more clinical approach. Personality is important too! Many people wouldn’t trust someone with their tresses that they didn’t like, especially if they’re going for the chop or a color change.

On top of these important factors though, have you ever thought about how people actually find you in the first place? You could offer the most amazing services for reasonable prices and have a killer personality with a big beaming smile and plenty of appealing charm, but if customers don’t know about you, they’ll never come!

Get your domain name and free website template from and shout about your hairdressing talents to the world! Show potential customers why you’re the best stylist for them, whether it’s for regular services or a one-off event.

Some hair stylists work with either men or women, while others offer services for people of each gender. Barbers, however, traditionally only work with men. Reach out to your potential customers and extend your client base online. If you work with children, publicize that too!  

As well as being a 24-hour salesperson, searchable outside of your salon’s regular opening hours, your site is also like an online version of your business card. Rather than having to hand it out to people that you think might be interested though, they can simply find you with minimal effort on your part. Once your site’s up and running it’s there, done, ready to entice folk.

List the services that you offer, especially if there are any that are difficult to find elsewhere, and detail any particular hair types that you specialize in. For example, people of color can search high and low for stylists that are experienced with a black person’s hair, people experiencing hair loss often look for a stylist who can advise as to prevention measures, suitable styles, and remedies, and those who have dreadlocks or weaves will seek a stylist who has experience in those styles.

What treatments do you offer? Keratin treatments? Deep conditioning? Follicle stimulation for hair renewal? Wig fittings? Head massages? Do you sell after-care products or products for between visits to the stylist? What and what brands are they? Do you sell other hair-related items, such as wigs or accessories? Do you offer home visits?

With so many questions about hair care and hair styling, including the services that you offer, you can see why a website would your best friend! Answer these questions before people ask. Give them the information they are looking for. And present yourself as a credible, trustworthy, reputable, and approachable professional … before the person has even met you!

And there’s even more that a Hopinit website can provide. Google Maps to show exactly where to find your premises. A contact form for appointment bookings or enquiries. A customizable theme and layout. A smooth appearance, built with css3 and html5. Fully mobile responsive. And more! 

Get your free template, build your website, and get more customers sitting down in the stylist’s chair. It really is that simple!     

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