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A fashion designer is a person with artistic flair that designs clothing, shoes, or accessories. Taking into account the latest fashion trends, standards of beauty, what people seem to want, past trends, predictions about fashion, and, in most cases, how functional a garment will be as well as the aesthetic appeal, designers think about a lot before the item becomes a reality. They sketch designs and make notes, they may use computer programs to assist with designs and drawings, such as CAD software, they consider fabrics, styles, and embellishments, they think about practical aspects, such as how warm or cool an item would be, and they play a very hands-on role in the creation of new clothing.
Huge numbers of new clothes are bought by consumers each and every year, and fashion designers help to ensure that the general public has a huge choice of clothing in diverse styles, colors, and sizes, as well as a massive range of clothes that are suitable for all events and occasions.

Behind every single piece of clothing, expensive or affordable, designer or non-branded, a fashion designer had ideas that are now a reality on the shelves and hangers in stores. What started as illustrations and ideas has now been turned into a reality.

Various niches exist within the fashion design industry. A designer may work on clothes specifically for men, women, or children. Some of the top celebrity designers act on commissions, appointed by stars to create something fabulous for a particular occasion. Some designers have a signature style or a special logo or emblem that easily identifies apparel that has been designed by a certain person.

From maternity wear and formalwear to sportswear, outerwear, like coats and jackets, underwear and lingerie, and any other clothing-related item you can think of, designers have played a huge part into the pieces coming into existence.

While some designers actually make clothes themselves, with some having their own boutique stores or online shops to sell their products, there are also those that are part of a wider team, complete with pattern makers, seamstresses, and tailors.

Design processes can take many months from start to finish. If you’ve put so much creative energy and imagination into creating gorgeous clothes, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to show the world what you’re capable of?   

Building a website with is a terrific way to showcase your designs, take pride in what you do, and take your profession to the next level. Choose your domain, get the free and easy-to-use template for fashion designers, adjust the colors and fonts to your liking, and become the proud owner of a website that reflects your talent and abilities. If you’re a design student or trying to land your first design-related job or commission, another huge benefit of your professional site is that it can also be your online portfolio!

Upload pictures to the gallery and give some bold and beautiful examples of your creations. You can tell the world about you, previous key projects, your training, your love for fashion, and anything else you want to. If you want to tell a story about how you’ve been passionate about fashion since getting a matching shoe and bag set at the tender age of three years old, go for it; it’s your platform! Hopinit makes it so easy to promote yourself and move your design talents to the next level.

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