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Are you a boutique owner?

Are you a boutique owner or manager who is thinking about ways to grow your business and enhance sales? With so many boutiques in most major shopping areas, how can you make yours stand out and command attention?
Boutiques typically offer a limited selection of unusual and unique items, particularly clothing. A customer who is looking for an extra-special garment that is very different from clothes bought off the peg at common chain stores might look to a boutique, especially if there is a special occasion or important event coming up. Parties, work functions, weddings, theater trips, anniversaries, and dates are all times when someone might want to dress to impress.

Boutique often cater to specialist tastes too, with some offering retro-chic clothes, some featuring bohemian apparel, some stocking elegant items by well-known designers, some that sell ethnic clothing, others that are known for cute and girly garments, and others that focus on unique one-off designs. Boutiques may also sell clothes for children or items for a baby. All boutiques try to offer that extra something though, above and beyond a regular high-street store.

A boutique can also be an ideal place for consumers to source accessories, like bags, shoes, and costume jewelry, that complete a particular outfit. Customers expect the best standards of service from a boutique and take their business to those that both sell what they want and also make them feel valued as a customer. The experience, for some, is as important as the purchase itself.

The buying members of staff at a boutique often go to great lengths to source unique and desirable items, curating stock that will appeal.

After putting so much effort into carefully choosing the clothes, training staff, and creating an air of refinement, wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra tool in your boutique’s armory? An extra secret weapon that will bring customers to you and add a professional edge to your business?

A website isn’t just an added bonus anymore; it’s often an essential feature for many businesses, including boutiques. At many times, it’s the first time a potential customer will come into contact with a store. It’s a prime way to encourage people to visit your boutique and spend! It is also the equivalent of an online business card!

Provide a detailed description, with easy-to-absorb highlights, of what styles, designs, and sizes you offer, showing shoppers what great gems they can wear with pride and add to their wardrobe with a visit to your store. Really entice buyers with beautiful images, displayed in a slideshow or gallery. Use the layout and design of your website to set the tone and overall classy atmosphere of a shopping experience with you. Lead customers right to your door and display Google Maps, showing your boutique’s location.

You could also contemplate branching into online sales! Testimonials from former happy customers can speak volumes, and you can easily connect your easy-to-setup website with any existing social media accounts. If someone is looking for a particular item, wants to make an appointment, wishes to enquire about the availability of a certain size, or wants to get in touch for another reason, the contact form creates a bridge between you and you valuable clientele.

Let a customer begin their positive retail experience before they even step foot in your boutique with a top website, built using a simple Hopinit template.

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