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Strike a pose!

So, you’ve got the look, the poise, the style, the confidence, the ambition, and the determination to succeed. You’ve probably already got some knock-out images and have had some professional shots taken. You may also have already worked on a few modeling contracts or strutted your stuff on the catwalk. How do you take it to the next level and really get noticed?
There are many different types of models, both male and female. Most models work in the fashion industry in one way or another, using their body to display clothing and accessories. This can be in a show, in advertisements, on the pages of glossy magazines, on massive billboards, and similar. While many people think of models using their whole bodies, there are also those who focus on particular parts of the body, modeling certain pieces of clothing or accessories, such as hand models who are used to display rings, gloves, bracelets, etc.
From bikini models to high fashion models, and from child models to plus-sized models, there are many more models in the world than just the famous supermodels.
Models may also pose for art, clothed or unclothed. Often this involves sitting very still while others sketch, paint, or draw their form, but artistic models may also be used for photography, in living exhibitions, and more.
Whatever kind of model you are, you want to be noticed! You want to be signed to an agency and get more work. But how?
With your own website of course! It’s not enough in today’s modern world to carry your glam portfolio under your arm to interviews. You need to have an online portfolio too. Sell yourself and show exactly why you should be the next top name and the hottest property in your particular niche.
Building a beautiful and professional website is easy when you use a free Hopinit template. Visit Hopinit.com to get your template and domain name and create a sleek, modern, responsive, and interactive website in a snap.
The easy-to-use layout was built with you in mind, and the stunning themes make your site visually appealing and eye catching. Of course, you can customize your site too, making your website as unique as you.
Upload some of your finest shots and display headshots, full length body shots, and detailed pictures that focus on a particular part of your body, if relevant. You have an image gallery and image slideshow to play with, with pictures opening up to large screen displays.
You can easily link to videos, great for if you have performed in any shows or have any recordings of photo shoots you’ve done.
You already have huge followers on your social media accounts? Perhaps you’re a well-known face on Instagram, for example. No worries; you can connect your social media channels to your website, making a connection between all your online activities.  
Tell people about you, your style, your character, your experience, etc. in the about section, detail your availability and services that you offer in the services section, and add reviews from previous jobs in the testimonials section. Ever heard the stereotype that models can be difficult to work with? Divas, in fact? Your testimonials can show that nobody need worry about this when they work with you!
Built using css3 and html5, other features of your website include a user-friendly navigation bar (menu), a handy contact form, and integration with Google Maps. It is fully mobile responsive too, looking great on any device.
And remember, the template is completely free, letting you have a top model website at absolutely no cost to you. There really is nothing to lose! It’s time to work that website baby!  

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