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What is a dancer?

Is it a person who makes a living from dancing? Is it a student who is training to become a professional dancer? Is it someone who takes regular dance classes, or is it a teacher at a dance school? Is it someone who performs for free in local shows and fundraising events? Is a dancer a person who loves nothing more than bobbing around their bedroom and picking up new moves from instructional videos and dance videos, or is it someone that whose passion is busting out their best moves and throwing some shapes in the local club?
Dancing is rather subjective. Essentially though, if you dance and you consider yourself to be a dancer, then you are a dancer!

There are so many different styles of dance, with some people focusing on one particular type of dance, and some people performing a variety of styles. Types of dance include modern, ballroom, ballet, jive, belly dancing, burlesque, tap, salsa, samba, line dancing, club style, freestyle, barn dancing, Morris dancing, and more!

Dance can be performed individually, with a partner, or in a group. Contrast a solo ballet recital with a lively hoedown; each involves dance, though they are visually very different indeed!

Dance can be choreographed to the finest detail, or it can be spur of the moment and based on the imagination of the performer. Certain dances are integral parts of some cultures.  
An art form, dance is essentially any sequence of bodily movements performed with purpose to be a dance. Dancing usually involves the entire body, especially the feet and legs.

Dance may be performed for many reasons. Some people dance for the entertainment of others, appearing in shows and cabarets, on theater stages and in studios. There are those who dance purely for their own enjoyment and pleasure, and those who see dance as a social activity where they can interact with other people who share a common interest. Dance can also be used as exercise and for keeping fit, and some disciplines, for example soccer and martial arts, may involve elements of dance in their training.

If you’re a dancer, get a free Hopinit template and build a beautiful website! Whether you dance as a hobby and want to show off your skills, whether you’re a professional dancer who is looking for the next starring role, or whether you’re an instructor who wants to promote their dance school and programs, a website dedicated to your passion of dance is a perfect way to share what you love and connect with the people that you want to.

How about displaying some elegant stills of you mid-flow in the gallery and slideshow, letting people see your movements, poise, and outfits? Although not moving, a series of images can really fire up the imagination, helping people to appreciate your art. If you’re a dance teacher, what about some snaps of you in action, teaching your group?

You can link to videos of you dancing, connect to social media pages, and describe you and your preferred type(s) of dance. Your website can be your online portfolio!

Do you offer any services? For example do you run a dance training center, offer private dance tuition, work on the podiums in pulsating clubs, or seek roles in shows? This is the ideal way for you to promote yourself and trip your way to new opportunities!

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