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What is an actor or actress? It’s a person who acts. But, what does that actually mean? There are many ways that someone can use their talents to make a living or for fun! From a seasoned pro who has made millions in box office hits to someone who loves stepping into character and taking to the stage in their local amateur dramatics or theater club, each person who acts is an actor or actress! A famous film star and movie celebrity, a performer in a TV series or show, someone who performs a role in a TV commercial, a person who treads the boards in a theater, big or small … they are just a few ways that a person can act.
And that’s only considering visual means. Don’t forget voice actors and actresses either. Some acting professionals are never seen, but their voices reach hundreds and thousands. Ever tuned into a radio series? They’re voice acting professionals that bring scenes to life.

There really are many ways to act! And what better way to showcase your unique talents and skills than with your own personalized website?

Create your own beautiful website with and show the world what you can do! Tell everyone all about you in the bio section; it’s your time to shine! Your profile can detail your relevant experiences and skills, showing what makes you perfect for particular roles, whilst you can detail specifics in your services section. Make it easy for interested party to see your rates, availability, and any other necessary information at a glance. The gallery can display your best headshots. You can also display images of you in particular scenes that you’re especially proud of if you like. That’s the best thing about using a Hopinit template to create your online web presence: it’s completely yours to design as you like.

You probably already use a range of social media to stay connected, network, and promote yourself. Your website can easily link with your existing social accounts, bringing everything together for complete convenience. Establish yourself as a professional and illustrate exactly why you should be given that next great role. A website lets the world find you, bringing you closer to new opportunities. The contact form makes reaching you a piece of cake. Your site can also act as your resume and / or portfolio. Applying for a role or hoping to get a casting call? Include your website’s details to breathe more life into your applications.

If you’re already a celebrity, worldwide or locally, a website can also be a means to keep in touch with your fans. Provide details of all your latest performances, show where you’ll be next performing and how to get there, all made easy thanks to integration with Google Maps, and build a greater rapport with those who truly appreciate your work.     
With a theme that matches your personality and a layout to reflect your character, it’s lights, camera, and action aplenty when you build your Hopinit website!

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