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A music producer may work on behalf of other people, for example a band or solo musician, or they may work for themselves. They manage the production and recording of an artist’s music. Their remit may involve working on just one song, a large album, or a series of albums.
The role of a music producer is very varied, with many tasks needing to be performed. They do some tasks themselves and manage the completion of other tasks, sometimes outsourcing and sometimes working with an established team.
The function of a music producer can start with the initial ideas and concepts, putting together thoughts for a song or album. This often involves working closely with the artist(s) to decide what tracks to use, in the case of multi-track albums, deciding which songs or musical pieces to use, thinking about improvements, considering the listing order and album arrangement, etc. Lyrics and instruments might be changed around on the advice of a music producer. Songs may not be original recordings; they may be cover tracks, for example. A producer might actually write songs, including lyrics and musical pieces.
A music producer often takes on the role of coach too, advising musicians in the studio to get the best sounds. They ensure that a music recording is polished, clear, and pleasing to the ear. They may use equipment to mix sounds, or they may use an audio engineer. Work doesn’t only take place in a studio though; in the case of live albums, a producer might work at concerts, festivals, and in a variety of locations. In producing music, the professional also needs to ensure that budgets are maintained.
Music producers may work with sound engineers, video producers, session singers and musicians, and the main artists. Networking is, therefore, essential!
The record production industry is highly competitive. It can also be very lucrative with the right deals. But, how does one get their name out there and find gigs? One major way is with a website! A website can open many doors, making people aware of your skills and experiences, encouraging people to work with you, and helping you to find new collaborations. It’s your online portfolio, business card, and salesperson in one.
When you use a free Hopinit template to build your site, whether it’s just one page or bigger, you can be assured of a professional and clean design. Made using bootstrap, html5 and css3, the sites are simple and easy to create. Customizable, the layouts and themes are responsive and interactive. And, there’s no messing around with WordPress, drag and drop builders, etc.  
As well as creating a top music producer’s website with Hopinit, you can also take care of your domain name and hosting at the same time, leaving you more time to make beautiful music!
Detail your skills, training, and past cool projects, and add life to your site / page with the wide selection of pre-loaded images. You can also upload your own pictures for the gallery and slideshow. How about showing off record covers for past successful projects? A headshot of you? Photos of you at work with artists in the studio? Your equipment? Your imagination is the only limit.
And what about videos or audio clips? Make people’s ears sing when they listen to the cool sounds that have been produced by you. Embed links in a prominent position, letting people hear your musical magic.
You are probably already very active on social media. You can connect your different accounts with buttons on your site, bringing all your online activity together. Don’t forget to link to your website on your social media channels too!   
If people want to contact you it’s child’s play with the built-in contact form. If you have your own studio, show where it is with the Google Maps facility. Your whole page is designed so as to be easy to use and give potential clients the information that they are looking for.    
Make beautiful harmonies with Hopinit! 

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