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What is a DJ? And why would a DJ need a website?

Let’s start with the first question … A DJ is, in basic terms, a person who plays recorded music. A DJ (disc jockey) doesn’t create the music themselves, rather, they mix other people’s tunes together. Some DJs play one song after another, whilst some get creative with their mixing, creating a blend of two or more tracks to produce something new. Think of some of the famous celebrity DJs, like Pete Tong, Grandmaster Flash, Rick Sanchez, and DJ Colette, and you’ll see that DJ-ing is sometimes much more than just playing one record after another. Some DJs treat their craft rather like an art form and a means of personal expression. It’s also important to note that DJ-ing no longer needs to be live; some DJs make a living by creating their mixes and selling compilations and soundtracks.
DJs may work in the field of radio, sometimes introducing tracks before playing them, and there may be a crossover between the functions of a DJ and a radio presenter, with one person performing each role for a show or slot.

DJs are often hired for events, such as weddings, birthday bashes, and some corporate events, providing the night’s entertainment and playing all the tunes that are guaranteed to get as many feet on the dance floor as possible. The DJs job here isn’t simply to play music; it’s to play crowd-pleasing music that will keep people happy and engaged. Often, a DJ will consult with the event planner as to particular genres and special songs that they want to be played. At times, more famous DJs are already associated with a particular style, and people hire them for events based on their reputation and style.

Of course, DJs are also often an essential element in a pulsating club or bar. Some perform all evening, some do special sets, some take requests … there are almost as many types of DJ-ing as there are DJs!

Some people DJ as a hobby, while others make a living from their passion.

And now onto the second question: why do DJs need a website?

Are you proud of what you do? Why not show the world! Get a domain name that is as individual as you, build a website with a free Hopinit template, and share the music with the globe! You can easily link to audio clips and videos, showing your smooth and seamless transitions and beat drops, and you can create a sense of awe with your image gallery. How about some close ups of you sporting your headphones, deep in concentration as you wait for the right moment, a zoomed-in shot of your fingers spinning the discs, and a wide-angled picture of the crowd loving it, giving it large, and going wild to your tunes?

Do you take bookings? Even more reason to have a website. Word of mouth can only take you so far on your DJ-ing adventure. Publicize your rates and availability, shout about your styles, let people see why they would be missing out by not booking you. And, encourage bookings and enquiries via the contact form.

Social buttons, a choice of layouts, interactive themes, and other handy tools ensure your Hopinit website will be slick, smooth, and professional, and can be customized to show your character, vibe, and groove. Take that next step on the road to DJ-ing stardom with a Hopinit website!

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