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What’s a band?

In terms of music, a band is a group of people who create music together. All genres of music may be performed by a band, with some bands focusing on a particular type of music and developing their own unique style, whereas others like to keep things fresh, mix and match musical types, play around with sounds, and experiment with instruments, vocals, harmonies, and other aspects.
Bands can be all male, all female, or contain people of each gender. A cover band reproduces hits made famous by other groups, and some bands create all of their own, new material. A band might also be a tribute band; rather than simply covering songs from a different band, members try to look similar to original band members, like a double take of the first band. Sometimes, the likenesses can be amazing! From jazz, rock, grunge, and punk to ska, metal, indie, and blues, there are so many band types and musical styles. And that’s before we even think about marching bands, military bands, and those that play unusual and specialist instruments.

Bands create music, using various musical instruments and voices. Some bands have been signed to a record label, with a management team to help with promotions and gigs, whilst other artists remain independent. Some bands appear in concerts and live performances, some release songs on CDs and through downloadable media, some feature on TV with music videos … there are so many ways for a band to perform. Whilst some artists make money from their music, others play for passion and fun.

What do all bands have in common though? All need a website! Whether your band is famous, a rising star, or a relatively unknown group, having your own website can help to build your fan base and let existing fans keep up to date with upcoming appearances and recent releases. Design your own online platform for maximum exposure and recognition.  

Create a unique, professional, and clean website with a Hopinit template to reach your ultimate potential. Link your website to online audio files and let people hear what your band can do. Link to videos of you performing and show your energy and dedication to music. Show how the crowd goes wild!    

The gallery section lets you feature close ups of individual band members, stills from gigs and jamming sessions, and anything else that you want. How about some creative and arty shots of fingers strumming a guitar, the keys on a saxophone being compressed, or an open mouth belting out a tune into a mic?

If you already have pages on social media channels, they are easily connected with your website. Show where your next events will be held with Google Maps; make finding you easy! Tell people about the band and individual members in the about section. Do you take bookings? If so, publicize this in your services section. And, make getting in touch smooth and hassle free with a built-in contact form.

Create your website with, make beautiful music together, and show the world what you can do. The sky’s your limit!   

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